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    Alleva-Coppolo LM-5 (Empress/Maple) bought from John at Bass San Diego in 2015. This is an extremely rare bass built by Jimmy Coppolo. He only made and hand full (5-6) LM-5 models out of Empress wood. And this is one of them. The bass response is superbly even and clear. The low B string has to be one of the best I've ever played at any price range of bass. This bass, being just over 7 lbs., is insanely light and can be worn and played all night. The Empress basses, as Jimmy says, have the mid-scoop of a 70s style LM/maple jazz bass, but with a slight bit of a "modern" twist. The finish is a throwback to the early 80's (the finish is called "Sienna Burst") and it features beautiful block inlays and custom "Fender Strat" knobs. It has white pickups too! This bass is both passive and active (bass and treble boost when switched to active). As you know Jimmy's work, the craftsmanship on this bass is paramount and this bass was made in a great time when Jimmy was really producing incredible work.

    I recently had a major leak at my house and I am in need of funds, but I'm in no immediate rush to sell. I'd like this bass to go to a really good home. I really hate to sell this incredible bass. I do have an older LG-5 of Jimmy's tho, so I'll keep that one but it's still really hard to let this one go. I bought it new and I've only played and recorded with it only a few times. It looks like brand new.

    Selling for $5000, shipped (packed well and insured) from Southern California, to lower 48 USA states (excluding Alaska/Hawaii). Included is a black ProTec gig bag. Please PM me for any questions, etc.

    I made a video demo of this bass on Youtube, the link is below:

    Thanks so much!
    Love, Mikey
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    Very cool LM!
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    Serious Tone and visual vibe. The LM is by far my favourite model of all of Jimmy's basses---at least for my style.

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