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  1. Ok,

    i've finished my signature J-bass's passive-Equaliser
    Included is a little, simple schematic.

    I'm still waiting for the arrival of my DiMarizio's

    Each pickup has it's own tone + volume knob, and has a small micro-switch to choose between either serial or parallel setting.

    the Mixer / filter makes sure the signal of both pickups is mixed together properly without interferrance from eachother, and enhances the tone a little more, basicly it's just a bunch of Diode's, capacitors, transistors and some other components of which i don't know the english name ( :( ).

    the output jack is basicly a stereo jack, which conducts 2x lead and 1x ground. previous designs had 2x ground and 1x lead, but i've noticed great improvement in tone if i do 2 leads.

    as soon as i get my website up again ( grmbl harddisk-crash :mad: ), i'll add detailed info on the EQ on it. :)

    i've tested it with the standard J-pups, and it sounds like a killer.. i'm VERY anxious how it will sound with the serial/parallel stuff on the DiMarizio's :D
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    Where are you putting the switches and the extra knob, Allo?
  3. well i've replaced the standard volume pots with double pots ( ring + tip ), and the mini-switch will be located next to the volume/tone knob ( like the J-retro ), but i still have to drill the holes for the mini-switches ( they're hanging loose at the moment )
  4. That circuit looks great Allo.

    All you need now is some nice tuners, a good bridge and a cool pickguard, and you'll have a better bass than any MIA Fender going:D!
  5. yeah.. a MIMBFIH J-bass

    ( Made In Mexico, But Funkyfied In Holland ) :)
  6. I just you'll have to change your avatar!
  7. I know..

    i'm still waiting for the weather to change, so i can make some new photo's for both avatar and website.. but i don't want to stand in the rain with my bass.. waiting for either sunshine, or snow :D

    and indoor photo's.. well.. we all know they look like poo ( bad lightening )
  8. Yeah, that lightning is real bad for you. Almost killer.


    P.S. This was my 800th post

    P.P.S. What a cheap way to get to 800, too...:mad:
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    Apr 22, 2000
    Don't swim and play bass during a storm, kids. Remember that.
  10. "His bass was electrifying!"

  11. I'm curious as to why you have a master volume, when you already have a volume pot for each pup.
  12. per pickup volume is for blending ;)
  13. Yeah, it's a whole lot more versatile than a normal jazz. You could have the neck pup with zero tone, mixed evenly with the bridge pup that has full tone. Or, you could favour each one slightly, or solo one with either the blend pot or the individual volume pots.

    Are those DiMarzios humcancelling?
  14. Exactly :)

    volume / tone per pickups means a humungous sh#tload of variations in tone :D that's exactly why i did it this way :)

    If i really wanted to.. i could even add a 2nd pot for each pickup that blends parallel and serial settings.. or tone for parallel / tone for serial + blend.. but i doubt a j-bass with 14 knobs on it will look cool...perhaps i will make a controller for this stuff some day.. you would have a 6 wire-cable running from your pickups to a footswitch... no more knobs on the bass, but on the footswitch / on a rack-mountable panel.. hmmm.. my evil mastermind is molding new plans :D

    oh yeah.. the DiMarizio's are hummbuckers, so.. yep.. they cancel out the humming :)