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Alloy 52, Friend or Foe?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by chbecker, Apr 5, 2001.

  1. I am expirementing with strings and I was interested in trying out Everly Session Strings. They are not Stainless Steel or Nickel, but a metal referred to as Alloy 52. Has anyone out in Talkbass.com land tried these or the like yet? I would love to get some feed back on them before I go and spend the $20.

    So far I have played with:
    Fender Stainless Steel,
    SIT Nickel plated,
    GHS Subzero Boomers,
    GHS Super Steel Tapered,
    Fender nickel Plated,
    Guitar Center "static" (or something like that),
    DR Sunbeams,
    Dean Markley Flat Wound,
    ghs boomers,
    Ernie Ball nickels,
    D'Addario XL165s,
    and maybe a few others.

    So far my favorite is DR Sunbeams.
  2. Taurus


    Feb 2, 2001
    I could be wrong but if I remeber correctly what I read about these strings,it's only the inside core of the string that's made from this material.I could be wrong though.Tell us why you liked the sunbeams the best..I've been using the D'addario's lately but I'm always willing to try something else.
  3. IMO the DR Sunbeams are not just bright, but have a lot of top end charactor and it seems to hang around pretty well until the strings are dead. To me, they kinda sound like Stainless Steel (The Zing Sound) without the sticky feel. Unfortunately, they only seem to last me about 2 to 3 weeks. I was hoping that this Alloy 52 stuff could get me that sound and feel with a little longer life span. I just put a set of GHS Sub-Zero Boomers on and they sound very dry in comparison. Witch D'Addarios are you playing? What do you think of them?

    I think my next set may be D'addario EXL160 Regular.
  4. theJello


    Apr 12, 2000
    GHS progressives are made from alloy 52.

    Gary Willis uses these strings and he has one of the best tones ever. I think they are supposed to have
    the steel sound with more of a nickel feel.

    That is my understanding anyway.
  5. rsautrey

    rsautrey Banned

    Jul 27, 2000
    chbecker, if you like the DR Sunbeams, then maybe you would like DR Hi Beams. To me, they are the most awesome feeling stainless strings available. They don't feel like typical stainless rounds.
  6. Hi Beams ay? Perhaps I should give them a shot. You say they don't have the rough and sticky feel, Does that mean the you don't get all the finger noise typical of stainless steel too? That would be a cool string.
  7. Jman


    Mar 24, 2000
    I have a set of these on my usa p dlx and like them.They have a snarly sound and get dig deep.
    If thats what your looking for I recommend them,I only use them on this bass.
  8. rsautrey

    rsautrey Banned

    Jul 27, 2000
    chbecker, Hi Beams are a pretty unusual string to me as far as stainless steel roundwounds go. I've used a few nickelplated strings and these Hi Beams feel soft like that. Most stainless are quite rough as you know. Here's the kicker...They are really. really bright too! Very unique in tone and feel. I would assume the Sunbeams being the same design except nickelplated, are really smooth and flexible. Even though the Hi Beams are really bright, due to the smooth feel, finger noise is diminished somewhat. I prefer a certain amount of "grit" in the sound so they suit me just fine.
  9. Taurus


    Feb 2, 2001
    Well chbecker,the D'addarios I have on presently are XL 165's..or XL16??.They're in the XL series anyhow.They seem to be a good general purpose,fairly inexpensive set of roundwounds.I might look into a set of those hi-beams to liven my p-bass up though.I normally can't stand the feel of stainless though and hope the claims of a smoother feel are correct.

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