SOLD Allparts J-Bass Body • Pale Translucent Yellow • Ash • Medium Relic

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    Aug 22, 2008
    I loved the build I had with this body but alas, it was a bit too heavy for my bad-postured middle-aged body. (About 11 pounds built up, 5 pounds 13.4 ounces by itself on my shipping scale.)
    There was some relic-ing done when I got this and now there's 6 years of honest player's wear as well. It's got the "mojo" up close and you don't have to worry about protecting it too much. (I'm going to miss that...) It's not too ratty to use on a "casual" gig, though. (From a few paces back, the wear is not too conspicuous.)
    The control cavity and pickup routs have conductive paint (Doesn't seem very conductive - might want to upgrade with copper foil if you really want things quiet. I didn't have any noise issues as-is...)
    The only parts included are the mis-matched strap buttons and a bridge pickup shielding plate (with a copper strip that extends to the bridge - needed to ground the strings as there is no channel for a bridge ground wire).
    Asking $175 OBO, shipped CONUS.
    Thanks for looking!

    allparts.jpg allparts-2.jpg allparts-3.jpg allparts-4.jpg allparts-5.jpg allparts-6.jpg allparts-7.jpg allparts-8.jpg allparts-9.jpg allparts-10.jpg allparts-action.jpg
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