SOLD Allparts Jazz Neck blocks/binding-hipshot tuners

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    This is a allparts Jazz neck. Its white binding, pearl blocks. These are $395 new. It has hipshot 70s style large base plate tuners which are like $32 a piece I think. A nickel Fender string tree and F neck plate included.

    While the neck is in really good shape, its had maybe 20 hours of play on it The neck has a slight separation of the binding by the nut, E string side, see photos. I didnt notice this tell I took photos. I debated dropping some super glue and clamping it in there.

    $299 Shipped Loaded, I will consider selling without tuners.

    IMG_20151118_155432156.jpg IMG_20151118_155437191.jpg IMG_20151118_155443878.jpg IMG_20151118_155449881.jpg

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  2. IMG_20151118_155501248.jpg IMG_20151118_155509816.jpg IMG_20151118_155514282.jpg IMG_20151118_155518442.jpg IMG_20151118_155531024.jpg
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  3. Could be interested!
  4. Quadzilla

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    If only this was $150 cheaper, I'd be all over it! :) GLWTS buddy!
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