SOLD AllParts (Lic. by Fender) Jazz Bass Neck - ‘62 Style RI w/ Decal & “Hootenanny Button”

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    AllParts JRO ‘62 Style RI Jazz Bass Neck

    Very nice pre-CBS style reissue Jazz neck with rosewood slab fretboard. Still in brand new condition. I briefly had this neck installed on a bass that I built, but I decided to part it out instead. It was never played more then to just initially set it up (and it set up very nicely with low action all across the board and played wonderfully). The heel is pre-drilled and will fit nice and snug in standard Fender body (or aftermarket body with a standard Fender size 2.5” neck pocket). Back of headstock is pre-drilled for the Fender reverse-wind reissue tuner hole pattern. Vintage style “hootenanny” button installed on headstock, and repro pre-CBS Fender decal. Has an oil finish that feels really nice - not sticky at all, very fast and easy to play. I bought the neck with fretwork pre-done to it, so the frets are leveled, crowned, polished, and the edges rolled for great playability and a very smooth feel.

    $249 Shipped (USA)
    Paypal accepted.

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    That's a very 'Handsome' rosewood board on that!!!
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