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Allright...who wants my Goliath III

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by laklandman, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I just bought a 410XLT, so it's time to move my SWR. I want to see if there's any interest out there. I have an SWR Goliath III 410 cab 8 ohm with casters and a Tuki cover. I had the cover specially made for this by Tuki. I am the second owner, but it's a late model. Whatever year they started making them with 1/4" and speakon connectors, that's what year it is. It has the original PAS speakers and tweeter, which has an attenuator on it. I will post pics when I get my wife's digital camera and shoot some. Condition is excellent, never pushed hard since I've had it. I baby all my stuff, so this thing looks pretty good. I'm thinking $450 plus whatever it costs to ship it. Not really looking for trades, but you never know.....nothing wrong with an SWR cab, but if you are an Eden guy (like me), the Goliath is just not my sound anymore. Someone grab this, it's a good discount off a new one ($799 new), and I don't think there's much difference between a new one and mine. I've done business with Biker4Him and Bassdr here for large items. Plus you can check my ebay feedback...my ID is mitchellsimon..
    Let the offers begin!!!
  2. bump...I'm entertaining all offers people..give me a shout!
  3. cgworkman


    May 14, 2004
    Another PM sent.

    I'm willing to offer the $450 depending what your charging for shipping.

    Also, did you ever get a chance to snap those pics?

    Let me know.
  4. Workin on it..will try to pm pics and sipping quote Monday evening. PM me your zip code...
  5. $450 shipped to lower 48 States!

    Cab needs a good home, people,,can email detailed photos if necessary!
  6. Price reduced! $400 hsipped to lower 48!
  7. kingjere


    Feb 13, 2006
    i sent you a pm
  8. Back at ya kingjere....
  9. Cabinet is SOLD!!!!
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