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  1. Wicked G

    Wicked G

    Jan 19, 2017
    Hell Paso Texas
    So my birthday just recently passed and I thought I would get myself a Genzler Magellan 800 just because. I mean why not, right? But due to some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up having to spend the money on repairs to my car, bummer. :rollno: I then thought about taking my GK MB500 and Acoustic B600HD and trading them in and with the small amount of money I have left plus 20% off at GC, and picking up a GK 700rb II. I have always liked that amp.

    So I showed up at GC and they had the 700rb II hooked up to a GK NEO 212 and NEO410 stack. I told the sales guy I was going to get pretty loud for a couple of minutes and he told me "Have at it". So I grabbed a Fender Aerodyne and plugged it in with the 700rb II set flat, contour and presence off, volume, boost, an woofer at 12:00. As you can imagine, it was pretty freaking loud and sounded great. Now I know I will never play that loud, but it was fun for a moment and I'm pretty sure it hit the rails. Loved it.

    Then I disconnected it and hooked up the MB500 that I was going to trade in for it. I had the treble at 11:00, hi mid at 1:00, low mid at 2:00, bass at 11:00, contour off, gain at 11:00, boost at 12:00 on with the master B set at about 10:00 I think. I swear that thing sounded very similar to the 700rb II, and I mean similar. It sounded great plus it was also freaking loud. I still liked the 700rb II better, but not by much. They were so similar, I just decided to keep the MB500 and the Acoustic. There was no need to get rid of 2 amps for 1 when I probably wouldn't even notice the difference in a band setting. Plus I don't see myself getting loud enough to hit the rails on the 700rb II. So the MB500 will be fine as it gets about as loud, but without hitting the rails.

    So that brings up a question. I would like to ask anyone who actually owns a 700rb II and a Genzler Magellan, does the Magellan move air similar to the GK? I know they both sound different, but I have heard that the Magellan punches hard and is a very powerful amp. How do these two amps compare to each other in feel? Not tone, just feel?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Feb 18, 2004
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    Yah know - just about any amp can sound great if you spend your time practicing instead of lusting after gear, just sayin' ;) .

    I was playing through an ancient Peavey solid state head into a single homebrew 15 this week at a rehearsal spot and it just really sounded awesome. I do bring a Zoom B1on for mild OD, HPF, and LPF. I'd probably like the B600HD over the MB500 but either would put a smile on my face :) .

    The GK 212 you mentioned is awesome BTW, maybe a new cab is what you need?