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  1. I'm gonna buy a Lakland 55. I think I like the 5594 better than the 5502 simply because it is US MADE. It also cost double what the import costs. Can anybody give me a good reason why I should buy the US model over the Import. I don't care much about the look of the wood, I'm planning on getting a painted body model. Well maybe if I don't change my mind again.
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    Piece of mind is pretty valuable. I think you're above phony "snob appeal." As an older, prejudiced guy from the bad old days of basses made in the Far East, I still hate seeing "Crafted in Korea" on the back of my Skyline. But then I plug it in and play it.

    Personally, I get off on all these 55-94 owners saying they can't tell my 55-02 from their 55-94's in a blindfold test. But that just means I rationalize using the money I saved to buy other gear anyway. :rolleyes:
  3. If the money's not going to break you, why not buy the U.S. model? I'm not saying that EVERY bass made in the U.S. is automatically superior to a bass made somewhere else, but, with few exceptions you can't go wrong with a U.S. made instrument. Exotic woods not withstanding, the extra bread you pay basically goes for someone's time to pay attention to and get all the little details in order. I own four basses, only one is U.S. made, but, right off the rack it's got all its ducks in a row. (Stingray)

    Also, no matter where it's made, I think everyone should buy at least one top of the line bass. (When funds permit)

    You asked the question. I believe you just need a little convincing from others to justify spending the extra $. My advice: Buy the best you can, but, buy what you REALLY want. Maybe it's just psychological, but, usually when you spend more on something I think you tend to cherish it more.

    Good luck.

    Mike J. :cool:
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    You've DRIVEN everybody nuts. :p
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