Alright Pedalphiles, what do you know about The Syle?

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    Mar 13, 2011
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    I just picked this pedal up out of the classifieds [thanks again Shish] after eye ballin' it for a while.

    PedalsPlus Effects Warehouse - the SYLE Umiom Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

    After a little tweaking of the controls this thing sounds the best way possible. The lows are there, the frequency [tone] knob covers a HUGE range, plenty of gain on tap but it's easy to tone down to a more subtle, rumbly sort of overdrive. I dig this pedal a lot and have been looking at a couple other things they've done on the above linked site [Velcrofuzz looks BANANAS] but The Syle doesn't seem to have a website. Can't find any real information on them besides that there stuff is sold almost exclusively on

    Anyone able to shed some light on these guys?
  2. Primakurtz

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    Nov 23, 2011
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    I wonder if this company is related to The Style? They were kind of short-lived, and made similar-looking pedals.
  3. I think the Syle has always been the Syle. Someone else around here nabbed their 'green filter' a few years ago and it was a really dirty squealy filter as I recall. Their web presence has always been pretty sketchy; the website used to work, but it was never up to date and for a few years always had about 20 pedals with samples 'coming soon'. The samples they did have up were all pretty dirty or lofi versions of a standard pedal type IIRC.
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    ^^^^ This is my understanding as well.
  5. holowonshandi


    Jan 9, 2013
    Hey all! The Syle is actually a line of effects by Bill York who also makes Holowon effects, both under Holowon Industries Inc. The Syle line has been on hold for a while but a re-release is expected over the next couple of months starting in Feb. Some of the Syle pedals have been renamed and are available now as well as some other original effects.

    Sales @ Holowon Industries Inc.
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