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    Dec 22, 2004
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    ok, here is the problem. i just started jamming with some guys, and the stuff they are playing is on the heavy side, perfect for a five string. the problem is i don't have a five string. i have two four string. a spector (my good bass) and a squire p bass (my backup, starter). would it be too much stress on the neck to take b,e,a, and d strings and put them on my p. i have tried just tuning down my e, but it just flubbes around. what other options do i have besides buying a five :confused:
  2. You need heavier gauge strings to tune down to B,E,A, string gauges that will be similar to the tensions you currently have on your bass at EADG.

    I would remove the G string...move the BEA strings over...get the correct gauge B and slap that on. Then I would adjust the truss rod and the bridge saddles for height and intonation.

    Inspect the may have to file that (not a hard job really). Once, you've filed your nut, however, a replacement would be in order if you ever want to go back to EADG.

    A couple of hours of fiddling should yield you good results.

    If you don't know about setting up and instrument, you may want to make this a joint project with someone who does know. You'll actually learn a lot from it.

    I say....GO FOR IT
  3. Actually, stringing BEAD will put less tension on the neck then EADG.