Alternative Pedal Boards - I Hate Velcro!

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    I'm trying to put together a new pedal board, and I'd really like to avoid purchasing one that requires velcro strips. Are there any alternatives out there? I won't be building the actual board myself, as I have zero DIY skill. Any help would be much appreciated. Btw - working with around 15 pedals, plan to add more...
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  4. Well, its kind of the same idea as Velcro but like x1000 better.

    Dual Lock

    Way more secure, leaves no residue (in my experience), and much less of a hassle over the bicycle chain method.
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  5. The Holey Board uses zapstraps/zipties. You could do the same with the Temple boards and skip the expensive plates.

    Bicycle chain is most secure – anybody wants to nick a pedal from your board is going to have to take the whole board and then it's a pain in the butt to remove the pedals – great theft deterrent IMO, but also a pain to rearrange pedals.

    There are a few threads on this topic worth checking out.
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    Raising this thread from it's half year slumber because I'm having the same thoughts. And now I am thinking DIY, using either peg board over a wood frame or a baker's cooling rack or dish rack, or maybe using a vented server rack shelf like this or this, also properly framed. Ooh, or a metal pegboard. I saw the Holey Boards (me likee) and Temple boards but now I'm on "how cheap can I go" track. I currently have a DIY board that is 17x12 and that's a little too small, so I need something with more real estate - either wider for 2 longer rows, deeper for 3 rows, or 2 levels to fit more pedals in that dimension.
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