Alusonic ALU112 Cabinet

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    May 13, 2011
    I just came across to this cabinet that seems very interesting.. it's in an aluminum shield with a 12'' speaker (there's another model w/ a variable controlled tweeter). It is pretty small and weights only 20 pounds. According to the website (and the Bass Player Magazine), it is powerful (400-watts, 8-ohm). It is not cheap for a cabinet only, but still interesting considering the weight/size and the power it can handle. Might be a good option for working musicians. The look is definitely unique and it is something that you'd love or hate I guess. I kind of like it but not sure about my band members. Anybody tried this? Is it really loud enough to play in a band situation or even at small clubs? Also, any recommendations for a compact power amp for this?

    Here's the link to the cabinet: