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    in really high-end, collectible grade, protect from damage in any way because it's a museum piece down to the inner workings of every component that would be used by only the most prestigious stages (such as: automobile's concourse winning level, functioning show piece), would you leave any particular pedal you can think of, pedal's foot switch in either the ON, or OFF position for it's lifetime, beginning in its current state, as it is now, through to beyond the world's next future and never switch it, ever?!

    because i heard mechanical devices of any kind, that have ever been created, have a life span, in this case how many clicks would you cycle this angelic pedal?

    set it in an adjacent loop pedal? i would, and use it sometimes. that way to be enjoyable, sonically to the masses forthcoming :angel:
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    :eyebrow: Say what?
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    If it is truly a
    you shouldn't even be plugging it in.

    If you are truly worried about the switch life, I just looked up a typical switch like those used in pedals, and it has an electrical cycle life of 25000 cycles.
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  7. The weed be lettin' you know.
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    it might be a good idea to leave it off in order to prevent the pedal being ingaged which would thus leave the connections in tact, possibly causing a form of static to remain present in the whole electrical circuit! kind of like leaving the strings tuned or not when shipping a bass guitar
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  11. If I understand the essence of what you're saying (Cause the switch is fairly easy to replace), no I wouldn't use it regularly. Keep in mind that assumes it's so rare that fixing or replacing it would be close to impossible. That's a dream world for me though.

    I have pedals that I'll likely never sell, but I'd never stop using them.
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  12. So like dude it's like that light bulb that's been like burning like for over like a hundred fifty years cuz no one ever turned it off cuz if they ever do then like something bad like might happen cuz the light bulb would stop working and poopie, just like Google Wikipedia that poopie man it's like deep.

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    They're all tools. Never buy a hammer you're afraid to swing.
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    I concur
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    How rare a pedal are we talking about here?

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    Ultimately switch life won't be the only problem. Entropy always wins. Museums with early plastic items are tearing their hair out trying to work out how to stop the stuff simply falling apart in the cases.
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    next time try posting when you aren't high maybe?
  18. Not sure about a pedal's "switch life", but I always heard that electronics should be operated at least yearly to keep them functioning properly. Parts tend to degrade if they sit dormant too long, I believe.

    I have an 8-Track Fostex I still fire up just in case cassettes really make a comeback!
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    I wouldn’t worry about it. If a new electronic device makes it through three months of normal use with no issues, then it’ll probably provide many years of service with no problems. My experience with music gear has been that if something is going to fail, it’s going to fail (or at least start giving you warning signals) early in the game.
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    Footswitches can be had for under $5. They're made for thousands of cycles. You can have it replaced when it dies. Replacing a footswitch will do absolutely nothing to the resale value of the pedal. The footswitch faulting out will not damage the rest of the circuit; only a problem with your power source will damage the inner workings of the pedal.