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Am. Std. and Am. Vintage P bass owners

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ilikepie, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. ilikepie


    Jul 23, 2003

    A MIA Standard P bass (Butterscotch Blonde with maple fretboard) or a MIA 62 reissue P bass will be my next bass purchase.

    For anyone who owns/has played either bass:

    Have you had any problems with either bass?
    What is the build quality like?
    Is there anything you dislike about either bass?

    I’ve heard that the quality control on the American Vintage line is much higher? Is this true, as I will be purchasing the bass online this is my major concern?

    Oh yeah, and has anyone got any pics or seen the 62 reissue in white?

  2. Hey, I just bought a '71 p bass off ebay a few months ago (I LOVE IT!!), but before that I was in the same position you are. Besides from the finish, pickguard, and headstock of the two bass, arent they pretty much the same thing tone wise?
  3. Try and get the pre 1989 "62 reissue, I think they are made better, just my opinion though!

    FWIW, there's one at The Bass Palace.


    Beautiful bass, I must say!!!


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