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Amazing Bass Rig Experience in NYC (tried a LOT of high end gear)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Obsius29A, Sep 1, 2000.

  1. Obsius29A


    Dec 20, 1999
    Huntington, NY
    Well, I've officially gotten to hear myself through what I concider to be the nicest rig I've played through. The rig was a lakland 4-string set up like silk straight into a Fafner into 2 EA 2x10s. Every tiny detail of my playing was apparent. Everything sounded like honey, albeit cleaner. The tone was very accurate, yet extrememly warm and pleasing (not the high end crickets-in-the-speakers ice picky sound a lot of SWRs I've played have had). However, I'm not sure the Fafner has enough power.

    I play a stingray 5 at home into a fender frontman 15B (I had a nice big mesa rig but returned it because it was way too unweildly, and while very very warm, was slow sounding and very noisy). I'm looking into getting a Warr guitar or Chapman stick in addition, since I can't give up guitar playing (sorry guys). I'm looking to get another bass rig together so I can run one very clean, warm bass sound, and then a stereo dirty guitar sound on either side of the bass rig. THis would allow me to cover both the role of guitar and bass player.

    Those of you who have played the Fafner as well as other high end amps - What do you think of the Fafner vs. an Ashdown ABM 900 amp? I also played a VT-300 at this place, which sounded great and warm, but it was noisier than the Fafner, and I'm sure it'd be a hell of a lot heavier. How much louder is the Ashdown? I need to really FEEL my bass, and it needs to be loud and punchy to counter out the warm OD of the guitar 4x12s on either side. Plus, with an Ashdown, the sub bass option would allow me to make the bass rig sound that much different than the guitar rig. But is the Ashdown as versitile or musical sounding as the Fafner? That's the problem.

    The other problem is that I really like the sound of those EA cabs, but 1) they are more expensive than most 4x10s for just one 2x10 (and I'd need two), and 2) I'm not convinced they'd be able to handle the sonic boom of the Ashdown for that real feel-your-tone type sound. Opinions? Is there another option for cabs that'd still give a zero noise, "this is your bass" sound? Or would the cabs be able to handle that low end well enough, and is there a place that I might swing a good deal on them?

    Thanks for reading!
  2. See the "Euphonic Audi Sschweet" thread.

    I have the EA 2x10 and it can handle a ton of power. I went from and Eden wt-400 to wt-800 running bridged at 800w and can still use more power and headroom. I'm exchanging the Eden for a power amp running around 1300w bridged(Crown K2 or Microtech 2400 or Stewart 2.1) and preamp (probably Kern or Demeter H).

    The EAs can handle a lot of power because most amp heads aren't efficient and the EA's bass runs very low and flat and can use a lot of power to handle and push the mid 30-60 Hz frequencies.

    I tried the EBS Fafner head and liked it. However, it lacked the power to drive one EA 2x10 cab and I really like the EA sound. The Fafner might be OK with two 2x10 EAs or the new EA 3x10 or heck, two 3x10 cabs. The Fafner head w/ it's 4x10 cab is quite nice. (Sometimes I think about getting it but the EA cabs sound so beautiful but need more power.)

    Good luck.


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