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amazing concert experience

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by FLOYDtheBARBER, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. yeah, so last night i go into providence rhode island (from braintree MA) to see a punk show. it's at this place called The Living Room. the place exudes punk rock...no doors on the bathrooms, kids huffing ether in the corner, filthy as all-get-out, and an electrical problem delayed the show an hour...good stuff. so we get let in at 9:00, and at 9:30 the first band goes on. they kinda sucked; they were a stupid dropkick murphys-wannabe band. whatever. second band: River City Rebels; straight up punk with trombone and sax. awesome. the crowd was still pretty tame though. next band was another celtic-poser band from jersey; sounded like a Flogging Molly ripoff. Crowd was okay. Then this band USM played; they were "meh". Then, finally, the band i was there for played; LEFTOVER CRACK!!! (also known as Choking Victim or INDK; they change their name every time they make an album) The crowd was insane! i was in the pit the whole time, kids were hanging from the ceiling, it was amazing!!! they're last show in the US before they're european tour is in Brooklyn i think, May 10. i encourage anyone in the area to look into it! they're a mix of hardcore, punk, and really good ska. two thumbs WAY up!
  2. Leftover Crack are playing at a local club near me when they come to the UK in June. Not really that familiar with their music but I was Probably gonna go anyway. You just convinced me to go.
  3. Man, jesus.
    im checking out their stuff now, and looked at the EU tour - ONE Scottish date, out of at least 10 England dates.. Grrr
  4. checked it out, im defiantly going to see them. :)