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Amazing Solo

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Stingrayz, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Stingrayz


    Jan 15, 2006
  2. Tony G

    Tony G

    Jan 20, 2006
    That is Stu Hamm.
  3. slapcracklepop


    Jun 28, 2005
    Boston, MA
    Yeah. That's a great solo by Stu
  4. That solo always sounds good.:smug: However the studio album version of the Moonlight Sonata really does not sound very good to my ears, I much prefer this Live Solo.
  5. Don W

    Don W

    Jan 30, 2004
    East Bay, CA.
    That's from Joe Satriani's Live in San Francisco DVD. I was actually at that show. It was the first time I saw Stu, very cool solo.
  6. Nice solo.
    At least the first part..
    Don´t really care much for that wanking at the end.

    One thing i´m wondering about.
    Is he disliked by many?..
    Just all that booiinng from the people..
  7. Vorak


    Dec 6, 2005
    Madison, WI
    I don't suppose anybody has any tabs for the beginning part of the solo do they? Or at least the name of the solo so I can try and look them up? I'd love to learn as much of it as I can.
  8. Stingrayz


    Jan 15, 2006
    Also sweet looking bass... is he using chorus effect ? very nice tone in the intro =)
  9. Aj*


    Jun 14, 2005
    West Yorkshire, UK
    Many people worry about that, it's infact Stu-ing not Booing. Satch tried to get the crowd to change to Hamm to clear up the confusion but it didn't work so the booing is in fact stuuing in appreciation of him.
  10. rymix


    Mar 14, 2006
    It's undeniably horrid, but fantastic nonetheless. I can't imagine being good enough to do a skit like that and not look like a complete arse.
  11. Lo end PUNCH

    Lo end PUNCH

    Jan 28, 2005
    Wow, thats funny...did'nt notice any "wanking", just some great bass playing.
  12. Baryonyx

    Baryonyx Banned

    Jul 11, 2005
    Marathon Man


    Stu is the absolute king!
  13. Triclops

    Triclops Guest

    Jan 14, 2006
    the dancing was hilarious! I love the so called "wanking" too
    fender gave him his own signature bass for a reason you know.
  14. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    Nice thing about Stu is that he doesn't take himself too seriously. He looks like he's having fun.
  15. his newest CD "Outbound" is really worth checking out if you haven't already.
  16. Baryonyx

    Baryonyx Banned

    Jul 11, 2005
    Marathon Man
    Outbound is good, but Kings of Sleep and The Urge are still my favourites!
  17. Akami

    Akami Four on the floor

    Mar 6, 2005
    Me too, The Urge.
  18. Josh,
    Thanks for the link to the Tab...I was just thinking about working on Stu's solo, then I run across this link :hyper:

  19. dabass

    dabass Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 27, 2005
    Hey, Stu is an amazing player and a great soloist. I just don't get the "tapping" thing. I find, most of the time, even with some of the more "accomplished players" it really does nothing for me..

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