American Delux/American Series.

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  1. First of all, I play Rock/Punk, But I fool around with other styles aswell. I LOVE the neck on the American Series Jazz, I got to play it and compare it to the Highway one for about 10 mins, WAY better than the highway 1...Highway one is kind of muffled.

    But I cant compare it to the American Delux. I want to beable to get close to the nice deep P-Bass .

    Will the Deluxe do that better than the American Series(With S-1 switching), because it is active?

    How many more tones can a Deluxe hit over a strait ole American series?

    Take into account that I like a lot of bass tones... forinstance, if I play a Music Man Stingray, the Bass Boost almost needs to be above flat.
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    Aug 13, 2001
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    I got an American Series and swapped pickups with SD Antiquity IIs. You get an amazing Jazz tone - much better than stock with more low end grunt. Engage the S-1 switch, roll off the tone about 1/3 and it nails the p-bass tone nicely. One of the big differences in tone between the jazz and precision is that one is series and one is parallel - the S-1 switching allows you to do both. The P is passive as well, so not sure adding active electronics to a jazz would give it the tone of a P. I think I've got a pretty flexible setup, which you mentioned is important, too...