American hi-mass bridge to Mexican basses...will it fit?

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  1. I'm getting irritated with my Badass II because I can't get the action low enough without having fret buzz (also did truss rod adjustment)

    I heard great things about the new Hi-mass bridges in American fender basses. Will it fit the five screw mount on a Mexican bass?
  2. You're not getting low enough action because the base plate of the BAII is thicker than the stock bridge. A simple fix is to shim the neck. A quick search should yield numerous ways to do this. You're only going to have the same problem unless the new bridges base plate is considerably thinner than the BAII's. The US Fender Hi-mass are not a drop in replacement and won't fit without modification.
  3. Maybe the problem lies with the saddles' grooves not being cut properly? I got the BAII from someone who took it off his Geddy Lee bass so I assume the saddles are cut to spec.
  4. That's a small part of it, but the real problem is probably the added height of the base plate. A shim should do the trick.
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    You may have two issues. Fret buzz may be caused by poor workmanship/ high frets. The BD ASS bridges are a pain period. Have a tech give you a read on the neck/frets.
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    Whoa. Fret buzz has nothing to do with the bridge. If your frets are buzzing now, they will buzz at that string height, no matter what bridge you use.
  7. I put a BA2 on my MIM and the action goes low enough...the key is making sure the relief on your neck is right, first. The US Hi-Mass has a similar base plate thickness to the BA2, too. Luckily, you can use the middle screw hole for the vintage bent plate or BA2 to center the Hi Mass, and then make sure it's square & drill 2 new holes for the Hi Mass. Been there, done that, works VERY well. :)
  8. It's not every Fender that has a problem with action on the BAII, but 8 out of 10 times, the ones that do can't be fixed by a mere turn of the truss rod. You still raise a good point. OP, have you checked your relief? If you get the board straight and still are having problems with string height, a shim may be necessary.
  9. I never had problems with my stock bridge and I recently changed my neck to a maple neck from rosewood neck and the BAII had issues with the rosewood neck too.

    I'm scared to shim the neck. Don't know how or where to start
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    I had a Badass on a Fender I received in a trade. Could not get low action. Saddles bottomed out and still no low action. I took that piece of garbage off and put a standard Fender bridge on it and viola!
  11. well it isn't a POS if famous bassists use it and praise its function
  12. I know I may catch hell for saying this, but the BAII isn't really adding anything but stability as far as side to side string movement goes. If I were you, I'd grab one of these:

    Problem solved.
  13. I am considering getting one of those actually. Looks amazing. How does it sound in terms of sustain and stuff?
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    Exactly! That's exactly what I did. Problem solved. No difference in sound or sustain! And I got the action I desired.
  15. I still have my old stock bridge. Thinking of replacing it and selling my BAII
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    I've had great success with a Gotoh 201. If you must have a high mass bridge I'd give that a try. I have one on a p bass I built and had no issues with it. Can be found for around 30.00 or less in the classifieds here.
  17. IMO, the sustain factor is mostly hype when it comes to hi-mass bridges. If you want real sustain, buy a compressor. This is the bridge Fender used from 57 up until the 70's and is standard issue on the the American Vintage Reissues, MIM Classic and Roadworn models.
  18. I have that bridge on my Classic 50's P-bass. Super stable, great sustain, too. The threads on the saddles allow you to pull the saddles towards each other just enough to stop saddle walk.

    That said, shimming is REALLY easy. Get a piece of business card, or 2. Take the neck off & put the business cards in the neck pocket with a small piece of masking take to stop them from moving side-to-side while you put the neck back on. Shim done. You shouldn't need more than 1-2mm, and 2mm is on the very high side. lol
  19. If you sell that BA2, I'll take it off your hands for a build I'm doing!
  20. That would also fix the issue, assuming its not a case of needing to adjust your relief. The benefit of this bridge over the stock one on MIM Standards is that it allows for string spacing adjustments because of the threaded saddles.

    It's a classic case of "If it ain't broke.."