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american jazz pickups for vm jazz?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by icke2433, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I have a noobish question so please be kind :)

    There's a pair of 02 american jazz pickups at a semi local shop for 100 bucks, would it be wise to pick em up and expect them to sound infinitely better through my vm squier jazz than the stock pickups? I like how the bass sounds currently but it's just not putting out the sound that I'm looking for right now. I'm running a peavey mark iii head into an ampeg 810 or should I just save up for a better head?
  2. tjh

    tjh Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    ... could be any one of the components that aren't hitting your switch ... you didn't mention strings?? ...

    .. the Duncan Design pups in my VM J's really dont sound bad to me, they are fairly hot and seem to be receptive to the string changes I make ... I dont think that any of the American or Classic Series J's that I have had sounded 'infinitely better' ... just different ...

    ... any chance on borrowing a head to see if that is where you want to be replacing ??... even rent with purchase option if that is available near you .. what are you lacking in your sound that you are looking for ??
  3. It still has the stock strings on it. It doesn't sound bad, I'm looking for a crunchy sound that can then be rolled back to a cleaner deeper sound. I play in a noise rock band and we go from loud in your face punkish riffs to deeper jam sessions where the drummer and I take the lead while the guitarists experiment on their own. While the music stores in my area are awesome they aren't really trusting with lending out their equipment nor do I know that they rent things out but I will ask. How can strings change the sound?
  4. strings will arguably make a bigger difference than pickups

    that said, i didn't care much for the "duncan designed" pickups either, too harsh and clanky...but $100 for plain old US jazz pickups is way overpriced, for that much you can get the fender "originals", which are about as crispy and balltacular as a young fella could ask for
  5. The Mark III is a surprisingly good sounding amp, but I found it confusing at first. Peavey amps of the period were voiced high-mid heavy. I found that rather than following common practice(either flat lining the eq or scooping the mids) I had to boost the bass side of the graphic and then smoothly descend the eq so the highest slider was at mid-level. It didn't match how I eq any other amp, but it seemed to get the closest to what I considered a balanced sound. I strongly suggest you tweak the Mark III because I would bet you can get what you're looking for without having to invest at this time.

    Also- The duncan design pickups and American Jazz pickups are both alnico V pickups with similar sized pole pieces. While there might be some difference in tone, I doubt it would be dramatic enough for you to justify the expense.

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