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    Nov 30, 2008
    East Haven, CT
    Hi, I am looking to replace the tuning machines on my 04 Fender Precision Bass and am having trouble finding a direct match to the pattern. It's a double guide post design with the posts below the shaft. I believe theyes changed the design around 08 or so. Either way I am looking for a set of quality machines in black to replace mine. Does anyone know what would fit with the least amount of modifications to my headstock (preferably none). Thanks so much in advance
  2. I assume you are referring to the big, clamshell tuners from that period. I changed those out to Hipshot Ultralites on an '03 Jazz bass. They require just one small screw hole that would be covered by the original tuners if you ever wanted to put them back on. I filled the guide holes with matching maple wood putty, and they are nearly impossible to see unless you hunt for them. The Hipshots are available in black, and they will save you a 1/2 pound of weight on the end of the neck. The best modification I've ever made to a bass.
    JB headstock.jpg