SOLD American Vintage ‘65 Jazzmaster Olympic White Matching Headstock

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  1. ShaneF


    Oct 15, 2015
    Bought this a little while ago but I tracked down a Suhr HSS in my price range and would much rather hang on to that.

    All mint except a small chip on the headstock paint and a small dent on the body in the arm cutaway (see pictures). Still has the plastic on the pickguard. Includes OHSC which is mint and all the case candy (there sure is a lot).

    I’d like to get $1600 shipped via PayPal. Thanks for looking!

    2CE43198-BE58-4D79-8D5F-9D6A691CE624.jpeg 930EC176-8370-4B25-92F8-9D575E564B2B.jpeg 4252460F-A41D-475D-BB1B-590EF88B1872.jpeg E6E31014-7049-4278-A752-C6E0AC323EFA.jpeg D31CA680-B873-420B-BE26-6983EE200A6B.jpeg 5B1E340B-1BA1-499D-9A50-39159BB78E42.jpeg 2F8A1121-EC39-460B-A2B7-FE8A36900D3F.jpeg