"American vintage 62 jazz" or just plain "American jazz", advice please!

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  1. So, Im thinking about getting me a Fender Jazz (USA), having tried out both american, and American vintage 62 (NOT THE CUSTOM SHOP!).

    Is the "Vintage" worth the extra cash? Ok, so it's got nitrocellulose finish and all that vintage look, but apart from that is it a better build instrument? Compared to the usual american jazz with S-1 switching, graphite rods in the neck, rolled fingerboard egdes, string thru bridge, better tuners, easy adjustable truss rod etc.. the vintage 62 seems a bit over priced to me. What do you guys think? Is it worth it or shall I go with the plain American?

    Another question: I love the sunburst look without the pickguard, but some of the jazzes Ive seen has this ugly routing groove underneath the pickguard, does this go for the vintage 62 too or is it just for the solid colours and not the bursts?

    This got long... sorry :oops: :)
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    May 12, 2004
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    Personally I would go with the '62. I like the vintage look as well as the sound of the vintage models over the new ones. For another option, check out the basses on GuitarJapan.com. I just got a '62 reissue jazz fretless (see my review in the Gear Review section), the best Fender I have ever played, and a fraction of the cost!

    As far as the route, I believe the MIM Standard Jazz is the only one with that route. I don't think the more expensive models have that. My CIJ 62 Jazz and my Classic 60's do not have it....
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    I also tried a '62 reissue recently, and I think the regular MIA jazz is as good or better. The graphite strips in the neck add a lot of peace of mind in my book as well.

    Personally, I'd get the regular MIA and spend the extra money on some upgrade pickups like duncan antiquity II or Fender CS. The only reason to go for the reissue would be if you liked the neck a lot better.
  5. To make things clear, it is a new 2005 american vintage 62 jazz bass. Not a bass from 1962. Sorry if I didn't get that through. :)


    And for that ugly routing groove, it is present on my MIA Jazz fretless, solid colour hot rod red (2000). I sure hope it is a thing of the past that construction! :rolleyes:
  6. You're looking at two different jazzes. Basically, it comes down to what you think sounds and plays better. Personally, I think the vintage 62 is worth the upcharge over the Am. Standard. I'm pretty sure the neck shape and pickup positioning are both different.
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    The pickups on the '62 are the key. I think they are the best sounding pickups of Jazzes that I've tried.
  8. I own an American Standard Jazz Bass ('99). It's a great bass - my first - and I love it to death. I'll never part with it (it has some sentimental value), but I got a chance to play a used '62 Reissue Jazz at a Sam Ash once and was amazed. It's funny because I can't even remember if I plugged it in - however, the thing that stood out the most to me was the 7.25"-radius fingerboard. My hands took to it like a glove and I loved it. I've been dying to get one since.
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    is this to be your only bass ? one reason I went with a new MIA jazz was the S-1 switch gave me some other tone options (P-like). now I'm ready to add a jazz with a more retro sound(flats) and look.I want the 62 reissue if I can or a least the 60's classic or maybe the japan model.
  10. No, its not meant to be my only bass.. I will also have my good ol´ MM Sterling to play with ;)

    I will trade in som other stuff, basses and pedals etc.

    So one major difference is the fingerboard radius which is 7,25".. along with the pick up placement? The question is: is the playability, looks, sounds more worth than the "upgrades" made to the American series (S1, graphite rods..yadayada.. :confused: ) . I mean the regular american still sounds great to my ears ;)
  11. The 62 jazz has a curvier fingerboard, thicker-feeling neck, and likely a more vintage and subdued tone. Good stuff, but it's a matter of preference. It's also relatively expensive, so you have to decide if it's worth the extra cash.
  12. Yes, that is my problem.. along with some things on the cheaper model that appearantly has improved since 1962 ;)

    Lots of input, keep it comin all you TB'ers out there! :)
  13. Personally, I'd go with the standard. For several resons. 1: although I love the vintage beat up look, it seems more rewarding to have your bass end up like that after years of owning it. 2: If you do decide to gut the pickups for something new to fit your sound better, you dont feel guilty about killing a vintage instrument. 3: The newer necks have the reinforcement, which means you dont have to worry so much about it breaking or warping.
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    If I hadn't already bought a terrific 98 MIA Jazz, I'd get the 62 reissue in a New York minute and wouldn't think twice about the price differential or the S1 switch (which is useless IMHO) and the graphite (ditto). They are by far the best basses that Fender has ever produced since Leo owned the company.
  15. Thanks for all input!

    In any case, the bass is new.. it is not from 1962.

    The MIA jazz just seems to be packed with useable features, but if the MIA 62 vintage RI is better built then perhaps it is worth the price diff (about 800$, here in Sweden). My main problem is that I dont have any experience with the Vintage 62 RI (and to be frank, not much with the MIA jazz either).

    What shall I do?
    Any help is greatly appreciated! :help:
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    $800? Over here it's like $250. In that case, your choice is clear! Get the American Standard and not the vintage reissue! The vintage reissue is only $250 greater, not $800 greater!
  17. Ok, if it was only $250 then I wouldnt be in such a mess! But if you think its $250 greater and not $800 greater, then it will be an easier choice. Why cant they just make ONE great looking, marvellous sounding slick player (with a nice tag)? :crying:
  18. Oh, I forgot to ask if any of you guys have that ugly routing-groove under the pickguard. I have it on my MIA Jazz (solid colour), has anyone got it on the sunburst MIA model ? I love the "non pickuard, just control plate-look"! :D
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    The do. They call it the "American Standard Jazz Bass" :D
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    Jun 26, 2002
    I do believe that routing is still standard on the American Series. Not pretty without the pickguard.