SOLD AMM Amplified Tony Dolan Venom Total Demolition Pedal PRICE DROP

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    For sale is the AMM Amplified Tony Dolan Venom Total Demolition Pedal signature bass overdrive and boost. Marketed as a bass overdrive, but there is plenty of guitar players using it based on all the clips online.

    Only tried it once since I got it. Only a limited number were made and seems hard to get. Sounded pretty huge when using it with my Geddy.

    Mine was sold as a "blemish", but I can't really see where.... Only selling as I'm looking to cull my pedal collection.

    More info and guitar clips:
    Total Demolition Pedal - Venom Inc

    150 USD shipped to either Canada or USA. No trades please.

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Awesome! Add a phaser and you got that Cronos sound