Amp and cab suggestions to get closer to an ampeg b100r

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Wiseburger, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Wiseburger

    Wiseburger Guest

    Oct 8, 2015
    Couple years ago i picked up an ampeg b100r as a practice amp and fell in love with it. Its just got that perfect sound, but it isnt big enough for mid-large venues, or the occasional outdoor gig we play. I picked up an ampeg svt4pro and paired it with a mesa/boogie 610 Diesel cab, and ive been trying to get as close to the sound as possible, but im not liking it. Getting rid of the mesa cab soon, as its too much of a pain to move anyway, and am considering getting rid of my head shortly after that if i cant get the sound im looking for. Looking for any suggestions as to cab/amp i should be looking for. I play in a metal band on a 5 string if that helps anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  2. Jay Corwin

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Sanborn, NY
    Maybe the newer Portaflex lines from Ampeg?
  3. anderbass


    Dec 20, 2005
    Phoenix. Az.
    Welcome to the forum Wiseburger.

    You could buy a second B100r and stack-em... I gigged that for awhile, had the exact same tone but quite a bit louder. Stacking also gets that second cab up higher, which helps you hear yourself.

    I also installed speaker jacks in both of my B100r's, to use em as cabs with my SVT-II head, that's something you could try with your 4pro. Just be kinda careful with the volume, those speakers are only rated @ like 150watt.


  4. Wiseburger

    Wiseburger Guest

    Oct 8, 2015
    Thanks for the welcome anderbass and the suggestions. Im going to be near a guitarcenter next weekend, so im going to spend some time playing through various combinations maybe theyll have some portaflex stuff to try. I wouldnt be opposed to buying another b100r like you suggest, even if i have to get a smaller head so i wont run the risk of hurting the poor things. Ive also seen mixed reviews on some of the markbass stuff, seems you either love them or hate them. Any chance i might get close to what im looking for from that brand?
  5. Wiseburger

    Wiseburger Guest

    Oct 8, 2015
    How does the two b100r sound together when bypassing the amp portion? i assumed the sound from a b100r was 30% speaker 30% amp 30% magic