Amp/cab covers & stands bags etc...

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  1. Just thought I'd let MAINLY the AUS & NZ contingent on here, but with the AUS $$$ & post costs, these'd probly be worthy of consideration for USA & worldwide bassists.
    Our Drummer is an industrial sewer & left his job making PRO liferafts/ i.e. really thick canvas - & other boats etc made outta this stuff- & is drumming as much as possible, & has set himself up a workshop at home. He made me these covers for the following cabs & amps & even the NV610 cover was only about $100AUS IIRC. He makes 'em outta the THICK, strong canvas, made out PA/mic stand bag outta same, with HUGE strong zippers, double strength bottom with a yellow bottom interior-so we can see whats in there better.
    He'll make ANYTHING to order-custom....

    BASICALLY he's GOOD- real good, wont let ANYTHING go out if it isn't up to his HIGH standards.. so if anyone wants AMP, cab, etc covers, traps bags, PA stand bags etc... He even made our other drummer a 'sit on cover' that goes OVER his drum stool, & has pockets around it- so he can put his spare sticks etc in for easy access... He's a working PRO muso, who's been working since 1978 in LIVE situations.

    I have NO financial interest here, just giving his great work a plug & letting us guys know re his products..

    PM me or if U can read his PH no. from the pics & U R in AUS- by all means ph him direct. He hasn't got a web site up yet- he's a bit computer "slow' well he IS a drummer ;)

    Berg AE112 cover

    Name tag

    Berg NV610/215/412close up of handle cut out-sorry it's dark

    Berg NV cab cover- dark again....:crying:

    SVT/V4BH caver front

    SVT/V4BH cover side-showing handle cut out
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    Nice looking stuff.