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Amp + Cab Recommendations $1k

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by dan6712, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. dan6712


    Dec 3, 2004
    I've been playing guitar for a while but am new to bass playing.. can someone recommend a good setup for around $1000 for a head and a cab. Would be nice if it had an xlr out for recording...I want to stay away from a combo if I can... I'll be using it with a Musicman Stingray 4.. playing a variety of stuff, so a good all around type amp. Any sugggestions?
  2. what kind of sound are you after? you have a pretty bright bass. Do you want a 410, 212, 210 or 115?

    Do you want
    aggressive, biting tone
    or warm, spine tingling
    or warm, booty shaking
    or sterile, hi fi tone?

    What other options on an amp besides decent DI?

    what are your sound pressure level requirements?
  3. dan6712


    Dec 3, 2004
    I'll probably go with a 212, but would like more power if i use it in a larger setting.. as far as the type of music, something thats versatile and can do a wide range of stuff. I don't think I'd be using it much for an aggressive or sterile tone so those two are probably out.
  4. O.K. So you want warmth and versatility. So we can eliminate a bunch. I am thinking an Ashdown, Ampeg or Eden head and either an Avatar or Dr. Bass Cab. Or, if you can get a deal for 1,000 with Ashdwon or Ampeg then that's cool too.

    In bass, power and good tone w/o effects is what you strive for when amp shoping.

    I am figuring discount or used on the heads, new on the cabs. The cab is the easy part and you want a 4ohm cab to ring more juice out of your amp. And you want a head that is "2 ohm stable" So you can drive another cab down the road if you need to. I think only the Eden Time Traveller is the only head new that is reasonably priced that will do 2 ohms. But if you can get a WT 400 or 550 used, grab that. They have a tube front end and a great preamp. They can do the hi fi thing but you most of us run them a little dirty. Also, the Mesa Walkabout is a great little amp in this regard.

    Speakers. Either the 410 or 212 would be good. In bass, we look at specs when evaluating cabs. Look for efficiency or sensitivity ratings. Anything over 102db is good in a cab. We look at low end frequency response. You want something that will say at least 45hz- You want something that is not too heavy. I would check out DrBassspeakers or Avatar. These are direct, like Carvin. They use the same brand drivers but engineer their own x-overs and cabs. They are cheap, like under 300.

    So a used Eden WT 400 or 550 and a Dr Bass 410 would be a smokin rig for a grand.

    I am going to bow out cuz its friday and I need to run game tonight.
  5. NeedMoreBass

    NeedMoreBass unregistered

    Feb 14, 2003
    Best head for the money is the GK 1001RB-II. 700 watts, 18 lbs. $650 new inc shipping. Combine that with the Dr. Bass or Avatar cabs and you're in business.
  6. I would seriously consider a Carvin BRX1512 system--their B1500 head plus their new heavy-duty 2-12 cab for $999.99. I haven't played the cab, but I have heard good word of mouth. I do, however, own that head, which I like quite a bit. 700 W at 8 ohms, 1250 W at 4 ohms, and 1900 W at 2 ohms. An Eden WT400 is a good head too, but I had one of those and sold it; I like this Carvin head better, and I like my EA iAmp 500 better too.
  7. wow that sounds like a pretty good deal. so you like the tone of the amp? I have to go to Orlando next week for work so I may have to stop in bass central and check out the stuff. he may have that carvin monster head. Lots of bang for the buck.

    I hear about people in EU or OZ paying top dollar for hatke stuff. makes you wonder if these direct companies ship overseas.
  8. dan6712


    Dec 3, 2004
    Thanks for the replies, I ended up going with 2 eden 210xlt cabs and an eden wt 300. I should have waited though since a wt 550 popped up for a few hundred more... but then again you'd have to increase your watts 10x to double the loudness. So I dont see how a few hundred watts would make that big of a difference, or does it?? Cant wait to hear how they sound :D
  9. NeedMoreBass

    NeedMoreBass unregistered

    Feb 14, 2003
    More power would be nice, but it depends on what kind of deal you got on the WT-300 and if it's enough power for you now.