Amp / cab wattage problem

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  1. munckieface


    Jul 21, 2008
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    Im having an ashdown mag 300 amp (min impedance 4 ohm) at the moment, running it through an ashdown mag410 and a mag115 cab. The Mag 410 runs at 8ohms and 450W, the mag 115 also at 8ohms and uses 250W.

    Now I'm thinking of buying a new head, the AMPEG SVT-6 pro. The amp has 8 ohms at 750W, and at 4ohms 1100W.

    Now my question is, is that possible to run the Ampeg head through my Ashdown cabs or will my house burn down if i do so ?

    Thanks for your answers already,
  2. bassbodger


    Jun 11, 2009
    imo, it is better to over drive your speakers than to under drive them. i too have a mag300 evo 2 head and i drive 2 x peavey 115 black widows. i also have 2 x 112 cabs for small gigs/ practice with 300w eminence gamma 8 ohm speakers in. i sometimes daisy chain the 2 x 112's and run 1 x 115 in parallel with them. im aware that im under driving the speakers, so one day when mr. cash lets me, i will be upgrading my head. i will prob go for as high a wattage as i can afford. lookin at your specs, id say as long as youre mindful that you have enough power to blow your speakers, you will be fine if you keep the vol level within the speakers power handling. at least youll have plenty of headroom.
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    The answers you seek may be found in the first thread on this page. :rolleyes:
  4. Sten


    Nov 18, 2001
    Both your cabs will get Equal power from the amp. Maximum for the 1x15" is 250W, there fore you cannot push more than 500W to your cabs. Which means that turning your amp to 12 o'clock can mean that you can destroy your speaker. If you are careful and don't do that - no problem. But then remains the question, why would you need so powerful amp anyway?

    If you are lacking volume with current setup, then you could swap the 1x15" for something that can handle more power and give you more volume, like a second 4x10".
  5. Korladis

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    You will not be able to use all 1100 of that amp's watts. Just remember that you won't be able to turn all the way up or really anywhere near it, and turn down at the first sign of speaker farting.

    Also, don't boost your lows much. That eats up power.
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    Is it just me or is there an army of <10 post people asking about this lately? Veiled or open under-/overpowering threads actually.

    Some of them may be genuine, but what's the reason for the *="#ยค!* FAQ then?

    Vent not directed towards OP, welcome to TalkBass.

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    I'd better start hiding then... Thanks a lot for the help to anyone who helped me anyway!
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    just a quick note: if you take apart your mag 1x15 you may find the cone states 150watts, while the connector plate on the back of the cab states 250watts
  10. Growly Lytes

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    Of course you can use both cabs.They are both 8ohm, the amp goes to 4ohm so both cabs will be fine. Its o.k to have more power than the speaker is rated.