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    Nov 29, 2013
    Help me answer this hypothetical situation :
    If someone owns a single 4 ohm,12 inch cab, rated at 500 watts, and purchases a single amp rated at 500 watts into 4 ohms, is this setup gonna be loud enough to play small to medium sized gigs with.??

    If this setup WOULD NOT BE LOUD ENOUGH and they would want to eventually buy another cab, would it be smarter to purchase an amp that could run two 4 ohm cabs simultaneously, like a carvin, hartke lh1000, etc.??
  2. Hypothetically 16 ohm speakers are more efficient than 4 ohm speakers (more winds of wire on the voice coil), so why the need for low numbers? Hypothetically a single 12" that would handle 500 watts will be terribly inefficient, very frequency limited or even both.

    Hypothetically a 112 cab being driven with 250 watts that has a 98 db at 1w/1m sensitivity will be twice as loud as a 112 with 89 db powered with 500 watts.
    Watts don't make sound, speakers do. The impedance is the load placed on an amp, the lower the number the more stress placed and the more heat must be dealt with by a SS amp.
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