Amp Clipping

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  1. Dylan96


    Jul 19, 2021
    I'm new to bass gear and have recently purchased a fender rumble 500 and a sansamp para driver di to run through the effects return to get a specific tone I like. After setting all the pedal knobs to get the sound I like, I then turned the level knob up to boost the volume to be heard with the rest of my band. When turning the volume up I was getting really distorted pops from the bass amp when playing hard on the strings, the drummer thinks it is clipping which I had never heard of before. Is there any way to fix this and prevent it from happening when boosting the volume or would I need additional equipment? I have attached an image of the settings on my pedal and the knobs on my amp are all set to noon (not sure if this effects anything).

    Any advice would be great, thanks

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