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Amp Comparison: Fender Rumble 500, Peavey MiniMega 1000, Acoustic B1000HD

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by WaynerBass, May 19, 2017.

  1. Ok so I recieved the Acoustic B1000HD yesterday afternoon, I bought it while it was on sale at GC.

    This is my 3rd class D head.

    My first class D was the Fender Rumble 500v3.

    My 2nd class D is the Peavey MiniMega 1000.

    So in comparison of the 3... all 3 amps are being evaluated through 2 Fender Rumble cabinets. The 410 and 115 respectively with tweeter in the off position.

    The Fender Rumble 500v3 -

    This amp has an output of 500 watts rms and to my ears is a one trick pony and if you want that vintage smooth tone thats slightly compressed with plenty of headroom then the Fender is a great amp. The overdrive on this amp is not really anything like overdrive that I find on the other 2 amps.. mainly what the overdrive does on the Fender is bump up the headroom slightly, gives the low end more oomph.. if I had to rate this amp it would get a solid 7 only because I can't seem to get that chest vibrating feel from this amp and because it has a built in automatic compression circuit, I don't think any kind of drive pedal in the front end sounds to good.. It colors your tone vintage. I have run other effects with good results, especially so through the effect loop. Also the XLR out is great! Comes with a carrying bag.

    Peavey MiniMega 1000 -

    In the past I have owned many Peveay heads from a 1978 MarkV to a Firebass 700. this amp first off is a claimed 500 watts more than the Fender 500. For a total output of 1000 watts rms. Has an adjustable compressor from off to full on. It works well but use it sparingly as it will squash your signal if turned up to much. It's musical but not so much. A pedal compressor is much better. This amp has more features than you need imho. It has an effect called Kosmos which is adjustable via it's own knob and off/on button.. sounds like a slight doubling effect to me, you can definetly tell it's working, takes your signal and adds a second signal an octave lower.. guess this may be good for dub step, djent or house music, I am old school player and play classic rock so I can't find a use for it. It also has a psych-accoustics button and effect level knob.. I like this built in effect. It fattens up your sound and gives it an old school really FAT tone.. it's mids controls also have notch filters with on/off switches. And it has a multitude of lighting options that light up all functions so it's very "dark or dimly lit stage friendly" you can't adjust the brightness. Overall this amp with the right settings punch hard, is transparent for the most part. The eye candy of lights are really cool at first and you'll want to shiw it off to your band mates and fans but after you get used to them it's pretty much just a nice feature. It takes pedals very well in the front end and loop. Comes with a carrying bag. I would rate this amp an 8.

    Acoustic B1000HD -

    This amp I truly bought this head on a whim. In the past I have owned the 1st gen B200 and B800 which never failed me, these heads sounded good but very heavy.

    I'm unsure of wattage, website says 900w" 1000w" is it rms? I don't know.

    This head says it weighs 8.5 lbs but to me it feels like it's heavier. When I got it yesterday, it came 3hrs before band practice so I took it with me. When I got to rehearsal I plugged her up to my cabs, turned it on and and immediately noticed the fan noise but it was quiet in the room, can't hear it at all while playing through it. I pretty much flattened out the EQ and tone knobs. The compressor on this amp to my ears is very nice, it's adjustable with and on/off button and knob to adjust. First off this amp hits hard, I can feel it in my chest! And has a ton of headroom!! Playing through the night I tried the super low ( I would only use this button at low volumes because it will fatten up your tone a lot) I used the graphic EQ to fine tune the tone, very nice to have. I tried the overdrive and this has the better sounding overdrive as compared to the other two, it has a switch for on/off and a overdrive level and blend level knobs, you can get from a slight tubey bump up to a decent grind tone. Overall it is transparent and punches really well like the old school acoustics punched well. The XLR out was quiet and had an adjustable output. I did not use the loop as of yet. Overall this amp hits the hardest and with bass you can not only hear but feel as well. My band mates even comment that they coukd feel the bass better and when you can feel it, it helped them to lock in with me a little better. I'm loving this amp right now, only time will tell in the long term. Overall as of this writting I will rate this amp a solid 8 but if the effects loop works well and I have no issues in the future, I may bump it up to a solid 9...

    I'll keep you posted but honestly, all 3 amps serve up great tone and reliability on a budget. Good luck!
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  2. Did you mention what speakers you were using with the two heads?
    I'm no expert, but it seems that the speakers would play a significant roll in the sound, eh? Maybe? Not?
  3. Yeah the info is in there. I'm running these amp heads through a Fender Rumble 410 and a Fender Rumble 115 cabinet.. w eminence drivers
  4. nutdog

    nutdog when I'm a good dog they sometimes throw me a bone Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2009
    in the dog house
    I had the minimega, acoustic 600HD and a subway side by side by side and didn't come away impressed with the acoustic. A friend had bought it on a whim. He had some extreme eq to get a sound he liked. With everything at noon it sounded boxy to me. He took it back.

    Agree about the numerous options on the peavey. Wish they would make the same unit with the eq section and nothing else. Seems like it could be a 5lb 1kw amp for half the money.

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  5. OK Thanks. I missed that part.
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  6. I gotcha.. maybe I was lucky and recieved one of the better made ones that day?.. I do know that I am not going to buy anything Mesa. I owned a Mesa Boogie Buster all tube head and had a lot of problems plus it wasn't very loud at all, had no balls, a 200 watt Kustom bass head I owned had more balls.. But quality wasn't there in the Mesa for me. I guess I could've gotten one that was made on a day production was lacking?

    I'm pretty much done spending big bucks on huge name brands anymore..

    I am open tho to buying a used Mesa or Genz.. Idk..

    Thanks for the reply!
  7. How do you feel about the rumble cabs? I'm thinking of selling off my Ampeg SVT-410HLF (too dark and too much low end for my taste) to pick up the 4x10 to pair with my Mesa D800. I prefer a more mid range but still full sound and play prog rock/metal. I was looking at the SVT-212AV but I could pick up two of the fenders for the same price and have a massive rock rig if they sound good.
  8. I love the rumble cabs, nice tight sound. They don't fart out and handle everything +. I don't push them too hard tho. Anything over stage volume get fed through a PA
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  9. They are really well braced internally, plywood construction not mdf particle board. Eminence brand made speakers. Nice metal handles. Tolex not rat fur. Metal corner protection. Typical Fender grill cloth. Rear crossover panel includes switch for the tweeter, 1/4" and speakon connections.. comes with "good" swiveling wheels that haven't binded on me, not even once. The cabs are light in comparison to my peavey headliner or hartke vx cabinet by a long shot.. probably why they're built so well with bracing... neither the peavey headliner or hartke vx cabs are as well braced.
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  10. Good to know! Not looking for anything fancy or boutique, just a decently loud workhorse cab that is going to have a lot more note definition and mid range than my HLF. I think anything would be better for the sound I'm going for at this point. Gonna put the HLF up on craigslist and possibly get one on order this weekend
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  11. nutdog

    nutdog when I'm a good dog they sometimes throw me a bone Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2009
    in the dog house
    The subway is $200 more but operates at 2 ohms, has aux in and headphone out and comes with a nice bag. It doesn't have an effects loop.

    It's been out for a year or two without many (any?) problem reports here. The designer is on here almost daily providing support and info. Can't say the same for the peavey. Not much info at all on acoustic.

    Mesa has a 5 year transferable warranty that beats just about anybody including peavey and acoustic. 2 years and 3 years respectively, original owner only. Better resale and peace of mind for the used buyer.

    The extra cash buys extra value. If you like the tone and feature set it's a fine amp.
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  12. mmbongo

    mmbongo Chicken Pot Pie. My three favorite things!! Supporting Member

    Keep in mind Fender uses Chinese made speakers, not the real USA Eminence speakers. Still better than the stuff that MarkBass and Peavey use though, and one way they keep the cost down.
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  13. I have to admit.. thats pretty nice. Looks like I'll be shopping around! Thanks for the tip!
  14. Good luck on the saleof HLF cab... I think the Fender Rumble cabinets are a great buy. I play mainly classic rock. I play 5 string Fender jazz and P basses. Flatwound on the jazz and roundwound on the P bass. I play with a pick for most songs, my fingers on passages that require less attack. I don't think these cabs sound dark at all. They have great midrange imho. Handle different EQ'ings quite well. If they come close to breaking up, it's always because I've dialed in too much bass and backing off the bass EQ'ing even slightly clears it up. They can be really bright with the tweeters switch in the on position. So I keep them off. I do not play any slap styles so... I've been playing bass and buying equipment since 1988 so I'm not a guru or bullwinkle on gear but experience on G.A.S. Has afforded me the ability to have owned and checked out tons of gear. The Fender Rumble cabs are imho some of the best values in bass cabs on the market today. < no I'm not affiliated with Fender but damn that almost sounds like a plug lmao!
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  15. ^^^Absolute Truth!^^^
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