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    Apr 17, 2002
    Full Range Input and Output Jacks
    The Bigfoot features three, full range input/output jacks (two standard 1/4" and one banana) wired in parallel. If you are running two speaker enclosures in parallel, connect the speaker cable from your amplifier to the 1/4" jack labeled “IN”, and a second speaker cable from the 1/4" jack labeled “OUT” to the input of the second speaker enclosure.

    you may remember me from the 4 ohms load and a 8ohm load to a 4 ohm head deal.
    well can i run the cabs with this?
    it wires it in parallel so then it will have about a 4 ohm load and be fine?
    please help
  2. Hmmm - a banana input??? Not sure what you mean.

    On my Trace head I have an XLR output and a 1/4" jack out. I use the XLR cable out and run it to the XLR "IN" on my 4 x 10 cab. I then use a second XLR from the cab "OUT" and run that to the "IN" on my 1 x 15 cab - everything is wired in parallel. Two 8 ohms cabs in parallel providing a total impedance of 4 ohms, which is what the amp is rated for.

    Now, if you're using a 4 ohm cab and an 8 ohm cab your total impedance will be 2.67 ohms if they are in parallel. Therefore if your head is rated for a 2 ohm load this is OK. For a 4 ohm load this would not be OK!

    Does this help??? I'm not 100% clear on what your were really asking, so I've had a stab at answering what I think you're asking!:)
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    Apr 17, 2002
    i have been told the only safe way to run the 4 with the 8 is to wire them in pararell
    maybe it is series.
    that paragraph is from the swr sight for the 212
    on the back of my 410 cab it has two inputs.
    can i wire one input to make run with my 15 cab when i plug that in?
    does this make since?
    any help helps thanks
  4. Yeah, to run them in parallel do what it says on the SWR handbook - as I pointed out, that's exactly what I do with my Trace set up.

    Cabinets are usually wired in parallel - to ensure the power gets distributed evenly

    I think really what you need to do is get a head that operates down to 2 ohms, or match the impedance of the cabinets (ie trade the 4 ohm one for an 8 ohm one). To be honest I'm not really the best person to advise you on rewiring cabinet inputs!!!!

    There is the resident tech expert - Joris - who may be able to advise you better than I. You could always PM him!
  5. If your head is rated at 4 ohms max you cannot run a 4 ohm cab and an 8 ohm cab in parallel unless you want to smoke your amp. You can solder together a cable that will run those two cabs in series but you will get less wattage out of the head. The banana plug is usually is used if you are bridging a poweramp into the cab. SWR now uses Neutrik connections in place of banana plugs.

    So you can get a head that handles a 2 ohm load as Johnny said. You could sell your 8 ohm cab and buy the Bigfoot or look for another 8 ohm cab in your price range to run in parallel with your current 8 ohm cab.