Amp for a Mesa RR 4x10

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  1. ..greetings fellow thumpers:

    Just bought the above, 600watts, around 2 years old, and am looking at buying an amp to drive it that would get the best out of the cab.

    There are about 3 I am looking at in my price range are::

    Mesa Walkabout 300w

    Fender Bassman 400

    SWR 350X

    Warwick Profet 5.1

    Warwick Quad 6

    I am a little fuzzy on omage - also bearing in mind that the Warwick is the only one that has matching wattage it seems.

    Any advice, experiences appreicated.
  2. chaosMK


    May 26, 2005
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    Mesa heads go very well with mesa cabs. Especially for rock/metal.
  3. Thanks - any advice on wattage and ohms? Anyone?
  4. tombowlus

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    I've used my 300w Walkabout to drive my Diesel series MB 4x10, and it sounds great. But then again, I also gigged for years with this 4x10 and an Eden 212XLT driven by an Eden Navigator into a QSC PLX 3002 (3,000w into 4 ohms). I wouldn't worry too much about matching the power output of the amp/head to the power handling of the cab. I'd be more concerned with good tone, and with not pushing any amp/head hard enough to cause any audible stress from the cab (you'll hear it when you do - at least you should!).