Amp for Live Looping?

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    Sep 3, 2015
    I'm looking to perform in small to medium sized rooms, such as coffee shops, art galleries, pubs, etc. I would like something somewhat portable and within a budget of about 300-500. The show is solo bass, with a looper. I've performed this material a bunch of times at open mic and have always gone through the house's sound system, which works well enough. I was thinking maybe a 100 watt combo, like a Fender rumble. Anyone have experience doing this kind of thing?
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  2. I'm using a TC Electronic BG250-115 for regular band stuff as well as looping when I play by myself at home. It sounds great, and the Toneprints add a little fun to the game.

    My only issue is that the Toneprints happen at the end of my signal chain (no effects loop) so if I'm running a looper and kick in a Toneprint, the effect covers everything, including the loops already running. Not ideal, but I've found a few Toneprints that actually work quite well in that situation.

    All in all, the TC Electronic has more than enough power (250 watts) for playing with a full band (with PA support), and sounds absolutely amazing when playing at home in my mancave/ rehearsal room.

    Btw, my looper is currently a Zoom B1xon, and I also have a Zoom B1on on its own loop via a Boss LS-2, so if needed I can run two loopers at once.
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