Amp help guys...(and my very first post yo)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by TheBigBadBass, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. TheBigBadBass


    Mar 19, 2002
    Whats up talkbass forumites??? As you can see Im a new member, so Id like to say whats up! If you want to tell me a little about yourself, thats cool, but it would also be cool if you could help me out a little...

    I think I have decided on the cab I want to get. And thats gonna be the SVT 410HLF. I totally loved the sound I got out of it and I was playing through a B5R which is a possible amp choice(that and maybe the b2r, i would only get the b5r because it goes to 2 ohms and it only costs like 50 bucks more at GC). BUT, I was thinking it would be better to get a pre/power amp setup to have more headroom and stuff. I really would like ot copy that ampeg tone with a pre/power setup but I have no experience with a pre/power amp setup so I need you guys to help me. And Im sort of on a budget and would like to stay in the range of 750 and under if possible which means no svp pro.

    Also, about the b2r vs b5r....the b5r would actually cost like a hundred more cuz i found a good price on the b2r. I like the graphic eq on the b2r better than the b5r's effects(i just dont like them and probably woudnt use em). BUT, the best part of the b5r is that it goes to 2 ohms at 500 watts...which is better to go with...
  2. the svp seems to be held in high regard around here, and you can find them on ebay or here for around 300 bucks normally. other wise maybe a Sansamp Bass Driver DI would do the trick too.

    that plus a carvin dcm1000 @ $369, then a 4 space rack from somewhere for 50-100 bucks and you've got yourself a rig.

    i'd always go pre/power over a whole head, less gear to move if you decide to change your sound.

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