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Amp help!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BWileyTally, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Ok, I just blew my 35 watt Fender Rumble practice amp at band practice. Its been on the verge of blowing since I got it at a pawn shop for $30. I only got it because I was still researching amps and wanted something to use in the meantime....and hey, $30 bucks lasted several months. I thought I made up my mind, and am seeking confirmation. We do have plans to gig within 4-6 months. We are a southern rock group that plays some of the normal Southern Rock covers, CCR etc... Our originals are also pretty much on the grunge side of things.

    Our drummer is a very, very (did I say very) loud and a heavy handed drummer! He is extremely good and there is no changing that. We have a singer/guitarist (electric acoustic), a rhythm guitarist (distorted electric, *heavy) and a lead guitarist (usually clean, but distorted for solo's). Everyone is working on not having volume fights, but you know how that goes.....extremely loud drummer and three guitarists with a 100 watt Peavey, a 180 watt Crate and a Fender (not sure of the watts) Princeton Twin!

    I, of course, have a very thin budget of perhaps $700-$1000 total, with no room for more period! It will take me a few months to get enough. Trust me, $700 is a stretch for me too. But I realize I am needing something more than a combo amp. I am able to get an amp first, save a bit longer and then buy a decent cabinet, but am going to need something in the meantime to practice with, so I prefer to be able to get an amp and a cab. The guys want me to plug into one of theirs, but uh, not a good idea....

    As far as cabs go, based on some threads on TB I've been looking at Avatar and Carvin, as they seem to be highly respected and extremely well priced for the quality. They need to be 8 ohm, as I want to be modular and eventually have them together when needed. Speaker combination? I'm new to bass and not quite sure what I should be looking at, 4x10's, 2x12's, 2x10's? Again, I can go with one for now, and save up for the second later.

    As for amps, Carvin bx500 stands out off hand. Again, via TB threads. Price seems good....

    I just need some pointers as I don't want to have my one and only shot at spending some hard earned cash end up not having enough power as a result.

    How would a Carvin bx500 paired with the Carvin BR210-8 pair up for me? Seems to be in my price range, and I can always get the second BR210-8 after I save up a bit. They are both 8 ohm and capable of handling 400 watts for when I do pair up two cabs. From the sounds of it I shouldn't worry about the amp blowing the speakers right?

    Carvin.com :: BX500

    Carvin.com :: BR210-8


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