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    Nov 16, 2004

    Can i ask you guys a favor? I was just loaned an amp tonight for a show im doing tommorow... The problem is the owner has no clue wthat that ohm rating is... and if i want to run it with my 8 ohm 15' too, itll need to be 8 ohm... (My GK 1001 can only handle 4)... The problem is all i have is video camera... not a digital camera so the pics are in video form... I hope you guys will take the time to load the file so you can help me out... Thanks alot.

    Its an ampeg... he says a 4x10.. but cant get the grill off to determine, it looks bigger than a 4x10 based on other 4x10s ive seen, but maybe ampegs run larger. Its a combo that has the head removed and the only connection to the speakers is a quarter inch speaker jack... No back pannel info or anything.

    Thanks alot again...

    Link to pics:

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    Your GK can handle anything ABOVE 4 ohms. Whether the cab is 4 or 8 ohms it won't matter, the GK will drive it fine.
  3. But he wants to run it with his other 8 ohm 15, so it needs to be 8 ohm....

    Use an ohmeter to measure the DC resistance, an 8 ohm speaker will measure a little less than 8 ohms (around 6 something) a 4 ohm speaker cab will measure around 3 DC resistance.