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  1. Hey Guys..
    In the last couple of weeks I've been working with my project "the bludgeoning", which only has a bass for strings mixed with overdrive from the Boss ODB-3....I have the desired amount of crunch and bite to my tone, but as far as overall clarity when not holding notes and moving fast, the sound goes to crap (like when I'm doing a speedpicking line).....I don't know why It would do this when I'm generally eqing things out to not feedback. i use an old PJ mexi fender with VVT control setup....pickups are cranked, tone knob rolled back. on the ODB-3 I have the volume on 12 o clock, both EQs cranked (treble gives crunch, bass gives a bit of a bottum), blend at 9-11 o clock (depending on what kinda night it is lol), and gain a little under 12 (not as far as 11, just a bit). on the TNT, i have the conrols set like this: pregain "5", postgain cranked, bass at "5", mid shift cranked to right, mids near cranked, treble at 8 or so, and prescence at 10 or 11 o' clock.....i know this can be clearer with the pedal, i've heard it pretty clean before..for the fast music i play it's pretty clear when notes are held....just when i speedpick clarity is an issue....maybe i should decrease treble on teh amp and raise prescence? i have a character tone with a lot of bite to it...anyone that can help me figure this one out would be much appreciated
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    Joe P

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    I think I know why you're not getting responses: This doesn't make clear, proper sense. Is the problem when you are holding notes, or when you're playing shorter notes? Are you getting feedback? like pickup squeel?

    Explain more precisely what the problem is, and what you're picturing it should sound like.

    I think I'm gathering that the problem is when you are speed-picking.

    I also use an ODB-3, and really like it. From all the bad-mouthing I hear about them around here, I TRIED to find one I liked better, but so-far can't.

    I'll tell you one thing that is, in my eyes - absolutely essential for high-gain distortion like that: The Boss NS-2 Noise supressor. Not a different device; THE Boss NS-2, with the ODB in the loop (between the send and return jacks). Nothing compares to an expander with remote-sensing like that; it works nearly-flawlessly, and gives a dramatic authority to note starts AND stops! ...WithOUT stuttering or popping. Another advantage of remote-sensing is that you can mess with the stuff in the loop all you want, WITHOUT having to re-adjust your gate sensitivity.

    If you ever get a chance, try MY whole setup once: Bass right to the NS-2 inupt jack; in the loop of the NS-2, go 'send' to Boss CS-3 compressor, to Aphex Bass Xciter, to ODB-3, and back to the 'return' jack. Incredible; I'm serious. ...pickup-squeel feedback: GONE. Infinite-sustain string-feedback: oh Baby.

    Soon as he clarifies things, let's get on it, TB Brothers and Sisters - Scorp is one of the old-faithful regulars here!

  3. it's not so much as a "squeel" from the pickups...for the most part, with some distance from my amp and the tone knob rolled back, that doesn't occur.....when I just start really digging in on the speed picking lines, i notice (even when I'm playing the same note speedpicked) that everything just goes into a fart of static with little to no definition of note. if i'm just using a regular attack on the notes with the stuff i'm playing (it's a fast 120-150bpm mixture of material), everything holds together pretty well.

    my "picture" of what I should be hearing I can only describe like this...turn off the pedal. play a speedpicked line utilizing two strings that you KNOW YOU CAN PLAY (some people starting out need more practice than others, like myself.....once i learned tho, had it down pat). sounds clear right? play the same line with that crunchy face-melting overdrive on....and hear every damn note like a black metal guitar. that's almost the tone i have, just tuned down to the bass octaves (people describe me as trying to "make my bass sound like a guitar")

    The NS-2 gets rid of hiss from pedals AND bass pickups right? or does it just get rid of the pedal hiss

    I think my amp might be the cause of this muddiness....ever try plugging yourself in through a direct box to just a mixer? sounds relatively clear, right? even a little weak? I remember helping my tone out by cranking the mids (the shift knob is all the way to the right, I'm guessing I'm utilizing all my high mids)....perhaps my Highs are causing the exposing the offensive part of the signal? I think I'll try that at the end of the week when i return home to play.