Amp/PA for vocalist?

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    Apr 29, 2002
    SJ, CA
    Hey all, I am a long time reader, and a rare poster... I recently hooked up with some people that seem to be turning into a somewhat serious band. This seemed like the right forum to me for this topic, but if the moderators think I am wrong, I apologize in advance.

    We all have decent gear, except for the singer, who is new to performing, and she is looking for a PA setup. So far she has been mic'ed through an old guitar amp, which is adequate for practice, but not a reasonable setup for gig situations.

    We are playing a variety of cover tunes, for the moment at least, ranging from classic rock, to mellow blues, to etta james, to funk.

    It is me on bass, a fairly loud drummer, 2 guitar players, and one female singer. We may also wind up adding occasional friends on harmonica, keys, or horns.

    Gig wise, my expectation is that we will probably within a month or two be playing a couple parties to get comfortable playing out, and shortly thereafter looking for some small bar and club type gigs. I don't expect to ever be doing anything bigger than a medium sized club with this group of folks.

    The question is, what can you recommend for a reasonable starter PA for the singer???

    We are interested in getting some professional quality stuff, though the price target to start is not much more than $1k.

    Is it worth getting a mixing board that we can all plug into?
    How much wattage do you think is necessary?
    What kinda Speaker cabinets (i.e., 10's, 15 with horns, etc.)??

    Anyway, I appreciate any and all inputs you guys can give whether general considerations, or specific brands and models.
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    The common solution for your situation is a mixer head and some speakers. You may have to think of getting a monitor as well. Most of the usual suspects (I can only think of Peavey and Yamaha) make these systems. Fender make what they call a passport which fits together like leggo for transportation.

    I dont think thats its fair to get your singer to pay for a full system for miking up drums di ing instruments etc. Many bands joint pay for a good system. This causes problems if someone leaves or the band splits.

    Another option is what I do and thats hire a PA system with or without an engineer.

    I know a guy who charges £70 a gig. He provides desk speakers mics 2 monitors his skills as a mixer (he's good) and an assistant. They arrive in a band set up do the gig and pack it down. Not bad since a local hire company wanted £50 for a PA (no blokes and no transport).

    If you gig infrequently then hire stuff. If you gig a lot go for the mixer head thing. Some venues provide a PA.