Amp pricing seems pretty consistent. What gives?

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    So I am looking for a new amp, and looking around, it seems EVERYONE that sells this, that or the other brand of amp, for the most part, not exclusively, but mostly, has the same exact price. For example the Fender Rumble V3 500 combo is $499.99 everywhere I find it, nobody has it for less, nobody is selling it for more. Same goes with the Ampeg MicroVR head and SVT210AV cab setup for $599.99

    Those are just the two biggest stand outs in identical pricing I ran across...

    I know in computer equipment, like Printers / all in one machines, companies like Hewlett Packard set the price and via their sales contracts with retailers, only allow retailers to sell HP products at the HP set prices... I am just wondering if companies like Fender are doing the same thing...
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    Some do, some don't - many companies limit how deep a discount you can advertise online/in store/etc. Also, consumer and producer information is key in pricing. Nowadays, everyone knows what everyone else is pricing a certain good at, in this case, amps and if consumers are willing and able to pay that price, there's no need for the producers (or sellers) to lower it.
  3. seamonkey


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    You have to visit a store, or call for the best price.
    The Minimal Advertise Price (MAP) is what you see on the internet.
    Stores can sell to individuals at different prices - you have to ask for it, and you'll need to find someone who can lower the price not just an order taker.
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    When you say Everyone, do you mean Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, Woodwind and Brasswind, Music123, etc.?

    They're all the same company.
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    Uh, Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, Sam Ash, Danny D's Guitar Hacienda (A local mom & pop place), Rockin Robins Guitars, and others, no not all the big national chains, but the local mom & pop joints too...
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    Nov 23, 2014
    Last week I bought an Ampeg 350/115 from MF. With 17% Christmas discount and no sales tax I saved about $165 over buying it in a store and $120 better than the other online outfits. Free shipping got it to me in 3 days. Beat all other deals by far. Also, could've got their no interest payment plan but passed on the credit card.
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    I might just do that. See if I can't get them to chisel price down, or at least do the retail as OTD price (absorb sales tax...). I would MUCH rather buy locally and be able to get service / supplies / accessories from guys I know than some online thing if I can get a fair deal... But tossing sales tax on top of the cost kind of bugs me...
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    Email musiciansfriend at [email protected] and tell them what you want and ask for their best price.

    Usually a good discount, slightly better than the 10-15% that they will almost always give if you call.
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    You can always ask for a better price. Worse thing that can happen is they say no.
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    nobody, well, the smart people NEVER EVER pay anywhere near that price.

    If it says RRP $650, don't pay more than $500

    MIA P in Oz- RRP $2800 realistic price $1800....SOME people pay $2800 lol suckers
  11. LiquidMidnight


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    I remember buying a Hartke HyDrive 410 from my ma and pa shop a few years ago, and he actually beat the big retailers' price. I didn't save that much after paying sales tax, but it was still less than what they were going for at MF and other similar places.
  12. ErnieD


    Nov 25, 2004
    Yep, when I was seeing same prices on a few online stores of Ampeg gear I wanted I called Sweetwater. I told the rep, "look I'm seeing the same prices on this gear at several stores. What can you do with your prices to have me buy from you?" He discounted my Ampeg V4B and two SVT212AV cabs nicely; so I bought from them. No tax, free ship, their own 2 yr warranty and I got it all in about 3 days to my front door. I was shopping sites on ebay and didn't have any discount coupons to use. OP, I know League City well, I'm just about 26 miles NE of Houston. I'm sure you could do this with most any online store but Sweetwater has just been so good to deal with.

    @Dave Hostetler PM me if you want my sales reps name. He is very helpful and has been a cool dude to deal with. The hard candy they throw in every box with each order is just a nice touch too. Happy shopping, e.
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    Wow I did not know that.

    Guitar Center's sister companies/subsidiaries incorporate Music & Arts, Musician's Friend,, LMI, Giardinelli,, Private Reserve Guitars, Woodwind and Brasswind, Music 123, and Harmony Central.