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  1. bill sharts

    bill sharts

    Jun 12, 2021
    i’m investing in an ibanez tmb100 & i’m not sure which amp would sound best with this bass. i’ve heard about fender rumbles & ampeg ba108v2s however after trying them out i’m not impressed. i don’t really have a price range, i just want what’s best. pls help! :)))

    -bill sharts <3
  2. SJan3


    Dec 8, 2010
    Investing?? Don't expect a return anytime soon on a $199 bass.
    Regarding amplification, no one here can tell you what's "best". They can tell you what they use and why but what's "best" is for you to decide. The combo amps you mentioned are favored by many experienced players.
    If neither Fender nor Ampeg pleases you there are many other choices available.
    Best you establish what your price range is and within what context the amp will be used.
  3. I doubt you'll be impressed, even at low volume, by anything with an 8" speaker.

    When you say you don't really have a budget, do you mean cost is no object, or you haven't decided on $150 or $200? Because if you truly don't have a budget constraint, I'd be looking at separates right off the bat. A nice 300-600 watt head and a good 112, 210, or maybe 115 cab. There are a ton of great options if you go this route, and most of my choices would land you between $900-1,400 all-in. Mesa, Aguilar, GK... all top-notch gear with great warranties. They each have distinctive sound/tonal goals and you'll need to play some of them to see if each fits what you're looking for.

    If that is too steep for now and you want to stay with combos, I would generally be looking at combos with at least a 12" speaker. Usually 12" combos have enough horsepower to give you plenty of clean headroom, and might even be enough for band practice with your buddies... maybe even light gigging.

    Good luck!
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  4. el murdoque

    el murdoque

    Mar 10, 2013
    Get something halfway decent with at least a 12" speaker (1x 12", 2x10" or 1x15") Bigger is always better.
    If you want to stay small, you'll either pay with lack of performance or with lots of dollars. Those tiny amps that can do more than their size credits them usually cost more than the bigger amps they can take on.

    As a beginner, it is VERY helpful to have a sound that is very clean, direct and neutral. This will help tremendously in developing the proper techniques. When you play with your band or for fun, you can try and find your own sound by tossing around the EQ and experimenting with pedals. When you practice, however, try and pick a boring, clean neutral sound that hides nothing.
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  5. CallMeAl


    Dec 2, 2016
    Ithaca Ny
    Hi Bill

    I asked you some questions in your last thread. You didn’t answer, but you should really give us more info. I’m not trying to be smug- but with the dizzying array of options, this will help us help you.

    What are your goals? Playing at home? Jamming? Gigging?
    What genres do you like? What bassists inspire you?
    Do you want aux in and headphone capability?
    Have you researched about combo vs. head/cab?

    You should really set a budget too. You could spend $1000 on a Markbass combo. $1800 on Mesa head/cab. You could spend more if you wanted.

    And as for brands, it’s a matter of personal taste. We all have our favorites, and our dealbreakers. (This is where the genres/bassists question comes in.)

    Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 1x12" 200-watt Bass Combo Amp
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  6. If neither Fender or Ampeg work for you then how about the Peavey Max series or the Gallien Krueger MB series combos. These are all good combos so it is a matter of what you want in a sound and what size speaker you prefer. Good luck. ;)