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Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by bassteban, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Can anyone recommend a good place to rent a large(collesium-level) bass amp? Sacramento area- thanks.
  2. A coloseum level bass amp would actually be the PA. You just need a nice DI.

    As far as a stage rig, you just need something so you can hear yourself onstage and look cool with an amp behind you. The audience will be hearing your mix in the PA.

    If you aren't actually playing a large venue and are just looking for a large amp to rent, I don't know. What is it you are trying to accomplish?
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    I don't know about Sacramento, but there's an office of SIR in San Francisco, and if they can't offer anything for Sacramento perhaps they can recommend someone. 415-957-9400.
  4. A friend of a friend is putting on a 'Day on the green', so to speak, of Christian rock bands. Supposedly, The Katinas, Zoe Girl & a couple other big names are slated. We have access to an SVT-3pro/PR-410, but I wasn't sure that would be enough. Thanks.
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    Call Juan Ortiz at Basses Electric and Acoustic in Rancho Cordova. He has the gear you need, I imagine. Tell him Mark sent you.

  6. If the SVT doesn't already have a DI output, I would get a DI that acts as a DI and splitter...most do. Plug the bass into it. Cable from the DI to your bass rig and also cable from the DI to the board/PA. Now musicians (and some peeps up front) can hear the SVT raging and the audience will get the bass from the PA.

    If you don't have a PA, I'd focus on renting that. You don't want to be doing a large outdoor show without a PA, that's not practical at all.
  7. You will want a decent DI, like a sansamp or the new ampeg one, otherwise the PA will only be putting over the bass sound, none of that SVT tone
  8. I've worked w/this promoter before- he's good. If he doesn't have a decent DI, or God forbid, a P.A.(!), then he's done gone stupid on me. Also, I know how to get the bass into the house & all that, I was just looking for a reputable place to rent a monster rig(thanks, Folmeister. I have met Juan- haven't done business w/him, but he seemed very knowledgeable & businesslike).
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