Amp Repair in Northeastern Massachusetts

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  1. Hey All:

    I recently acquired a Aguilar GS115 through another TBr. It appears that through shipping or a very recently manifested previous problem, the speaker is most likely blown. Said TBr has indicated that he will pay for all repair costs, but wants me to bring it to a certified tech to get the best diagnosis and treatment.

    I did a search on here, but all the hits I got were a bit antiquated. I recently went to Carol Ann custom amps in Haverhill and Alan did a good job, but now he's making custom guitar tube amps only and doesn't have any time for repairs. I've been to the repair shop adjacent to Berklee in Boston, and they are decent, but a little pricey and often really backed up.

    Any suggestions for the Merrimack valley, southeastern New Hampshire or thereabouts would be HUGE!
  2. kobass

    kobass Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Outside Boston
  3. Hey Kevin,

    Thank you, but Noll is a bit too distant. I teach at a place once a week on the RI border, and even from there it's somewhat far.

    Somewhere in Eastern MA or Southern NH is my rough perimeter.
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