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  1. I am in the market for a new amp. I currently have an Ampeg SVT-350 50th Anniversary Edition head and cabinet. I like the head but it is too heavy and not rackmounted, which makes it difficult to transport. Also, from years for unprotected travel to and from gigs, it has become a bit unreliable.

    I know people ask questions like this all the time, but I would like your input on my next amp. I would like something rackmountable, powerful, and fairly light. I am keeping my Ampeg cab and the Hartke 2x15 I own. Both are 8 ohm. I play a range of styles, but my two current projects are rock/pop and hip-hop.

    I would like to get something for no more than $1000.

    So, any suggestions? Thanks guys!
  2. Light . . . so no tube amps then? a Mesa400/400+ or SVT-II would be great, but are heavy

    Rackmounted and Powerful, if your looking for the ampeg sound look into an Ampeg SVP-CL and a single unit power amp, peavey make some good ones, as do a host of other companys, that way you can choose the power you want and you could probably get a light 1U one

    1U preamp + 1 unit poweramp = 2U, light, powerful rackmounted setup

    Should be able to get that for under $1000
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    My vote is for a Walkabout. If you don't think 300 watts(it's a very loud 300 though) is enough, you could probably pick up a used M-pulse 600 within your price range.
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    Check out the Tech21 Landmark 600... :bassist: