Amp shortcircuit

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  1. What happens if the cable connecting an amp and a speakers breaks or cuts and the two wires inside (mass and signal) make contact? all this while you are playing at loud volume with a SOLID STATE amp
    Can you damage the amp?
  2. Yes...........

    Unless your amp has short circuit protection, you can fry the amp
  3. Rick Auricchio

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    Most modern amps will shut down or blow a fuse if there is a shorted speaker cable.
  4. Well.. that happened to me today..
    I was repairing the cable and forgot to isolate the red wire from the mass. I started playing and everything was ok. Then, because of vibrations, both wires made contact inside the jack and I heard a distorted sound, but at very low volume. Then I repaired the jack and now the amp seems to work fine. It could be possible that nothing happened the amp?
    What kind of damage can this type of problem produce appart from frying the amp?
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    What is "the mass"?
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    The amp is probably OK. What kind is it?
  7. sorry, im not a native english speaker. I don't know how you call the ''neutral'' cable.

    Fdeck, the amp is a solid state Kustom DE200.

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    If the amp doesn't have short circuit protection shorting the output can fry the output transistors, most of the other components in the output stage, the power supply diodes and even the power transformer.
  9. Rune Bivrin

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    If your amp didn't break immediately it should be OK. What you heard was the current limiting kicking in to protect the amp.

    It could have broken if you'd playd like that for exended time, because the amp would have gotten very warm after a while.
  10. thanks for your help!
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    Here is my recently fried thunderfunk, it took the crossover in my Schroeder with it. YIKES!

  12. what did you do to fry it like this??