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  1. Stevej66


    Feb 23, 2020
    Hi everyone

    New player, sorry for the non-descriptive title, wasn't really sure what to call this one. I don't know much about how musical sound is generated, just know I enjoy listening to it! Hope you can advise...

    My playing to date has been limited to plugging into a old, small 10w practice amp my friend kindly threw in when I bought my Squier P from him. Like loads of others I'm sure, I then found the song I wanted to learn on Youtube and played along. I'm having a great time.

    Due to a recent change in personal circs, I no longer have access to Youtube, and I need to keep the noise levels low. I have headphones that I've occasionally used to date when needing to be quiet.

    My music generally is from an Ipod Nano with both a wired and bluetooth connection to the headphones, and that's now my only current source of being able to listen to music.

    Getting to the point. The other night I plugged my headphones into the amp to have an unaccompanied bass guitar practice, and wondered what would happen if, at the same time, I also switched on the Ipod and bluetoothed it to the headphones. The result was I could hear both the guitar and my music, but the Ipod was very quiet and completely tinny, no depth at all, sometimes couldn't hear major parts of the song. But I could hear the guitar quite well.

    The amp needs replacing, it's old, single input, and often loses its connection. It was just a kind gift to get me started, and has been much appreciated.

    Looking at other amps I see many have two input ports, to give an example I've just seen a Fender Rumble 30 on Ebay like that. So I'm wondering, if I hardwired the Ipod into one Input port as the source of the music, my bass into the other and then had the headphones coming out of the "headphone" port, am I going to be able to hear both input sources clearly and fully? Or am I down the wrong track completely?

    Thanks everyone, stay safe

  2. Bassdirty


    Jul 23, 2010
    If you pick up an amp that has an "Aux in" (Auxiliary Input) as well as headphone output capabilities, (and I believe some of the rumbles have both), you'll be able to put your music into the "aux in", and play along with your bass plugged into the amp, all the while listening by using your headphones.

    This should be perfect for what you need.

    Good luck.


    if its the same Rumble 30 as the one I looked up (see below), you'll be perfect.

    • 3-Band EQ.
    • Headphone Jack.
    • Auxiliary Input for CD, mp3, or Drum Machine.
    • Tilt-Back Cabinet.
    • Rugged Black Metal Grille.
    • 30 watts.
    • 10" Fender Special Design Speaker.
    • Overdrive: Gain/Blend, On/Off.
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  3. Welcome. I started playing bass two years ago. A bass playing buddy directed me toward a Squier VM 70s Jazz and the Rumble 25 Combo.

    I think all of the Rumble combos 25 and up have the headphone input.

    The amp is plenty loud for home use. It has an aux in where I plug in my computer for playing along or backing tracks. The source (laptop, phone, Ipad) is where you control the volume to taste, separate than the bass output volume.

    Also has a headphone jack for quiet listening.

    I am very happy with it and for $99 USD, it is a great deal.

    Good luck.
  4. Stevej66


    Feb 23, 2020
    Thank you both for your help.

    Dirty, this was the one I saw. I'm not dogmatic it has to be this one, just seemed to illustrate the question. But thank you for the note about the Aux port, didn't understand the significance of that one before.

    So I guess the two actual Input ports are both for guitar? In the unlikely event of me ever finding someone who'd put up with playing with me!

    Polish, thanks for this. I was in America in January, $99 is about £80 I think? Yes good deal if so.


    Fender Rumble 30 Tilt back Combo Bass Amp | eBay
  5. Blues Bass 2

    Blues Bass 2 Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    Davenport Iowa
    I use an Ampeg BA108 for practicing at home . It does exactly what you want . There is an aux input that you can mix with your bass input . The aux input has a level control to mix with your bass volume unlike some other small amps where you have to use the iPod or whatever volume to match . I use it with my computer most of the time and it works great . Also they are very inexpensive for a good sounding practice amp that sounds good .

    Ampeg BA-108v2 1x8" 20-watt Bass Combo Amp
  6. You could get an iRig just to use with your iPhone and cut out the amp altogether for about $100 or maybe less buying used. I recommend the iRig HD 2.
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  7. Stevej66


    Feb 23, 2020
    Hi folks

    Sorry to rake this back up.

    I've seen an advert from someone local to me, so it's making it attractive for ease of collection. It's a Hartke B30, which I'm sure is all I'll need in terms of home practicing.

    It has two inputs for passive and active - fine, mine's a passive, I get that. Then there's the standard headphone output, also fine, and a final port called Line out.

    The only Line out I know happens in rugby.

    I've read the Hartke site specifications and I'm no nearer understanding what it does. Can anyone confirm if the Line Out port will be suitable to accept my iPod as another input source, and that I'll be able to hear both that and the bass through the headphones?


  8. Bassdirty


    Jul 23, 2010
    Hey Steve,

    I looked around for specs, as that Hartke is an older amp. From the looks of it, you can NOT plug your ipod into it and play along. The line OUT is for plugging into a mixer, or power amp, or recording device. So, not really helpful for your needs (as far as I know).

    I'd keep looking for something that specifically has a "line in", and headphone out (for your needs).


  9. My Rumble 25 v3 has aux input and headphone out. I’ve never used them in combo to practice like you Describe, but it seems like it would work. I usually connect my iPad to my Bose Soundlink Micro and just play along with it.