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  1. Hello you all,

    I read many threads regarding the pro and cons about ampstands, tilting its amp,... but I didn't find an answer to my question.

    I have a tc electronic bg250, the 115 combo. I like its sound and its power. But I often play at bar type gigs where there's no PA for the bass + small stage.
    So, logically, as my amp is put on the floor, I don't hear me very well or I have to increase the volume which is not good.
    I tried to raise my amp on a 50 cm stand, and I hear it better.
    As I understood it, at this height, there is still the floor coupling effect, so theorically, no loss of low end, even if percieved as well due to the better hearing og the highs and the mids.

    I could also put it on a smaller stand, 25 cm for example and tilt it a bit. Or only tilt it... many possibilities.

    But, will these things have on impact on the sound heard by the crowd ? For no PA gigs mostly.

    Is it better to raise it and let it pointed to the crowd ?
    Will a slight tilting affect the crowd sound ?

    I'd like to hear me better, but I'd like to keep a good sound for the people who came listening to us :)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hmm. Personally I've never had a problem hearing a 115 on the floor in any situation - rather than using a stand, maybe try an amp wedge to title the amp a little. good luck
  3. Thanks for the replies.
    I maybe not explained well (english isn't my usual language :) ) : I hear me but mostly in the low end part. The sound is not as defined as if I was standing a higher distance from the amp.

    My question is not : how can I hear me better, since I know there are many solutions (by the way I didn't know the Ampwedges : seem to be nice), but will these solutions have an impact on the sound for the listeners, especially in the case of gigs without PA.
    Excuse me if it's not clear :D
  4. Yes, a little - but not by much in most little pub/bars. However, its still best to keep it on the floor and pointed forward.
  5. I've never seen anyone tilt a cab unless it was their monitor. Probably best to keep it aimed forward.

    Definitely don't stand right in front of it.
  6. Plastic Milk Crate?

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  7. Unless your audience is in low seating or you are on a high riser above them tilting the cab back will get the mids (your definition) away from your knees and their stomachs/chests. Everyone will benefit and without the cab being spaced too far from the floor, no loss of low end.
  8. That explanation is clear :)
    I like it !!

    I'll give it a try with a small tilt.
    It's so frustrating to hear something which is not the sound you set !
  9. Yes it is. That is because those mids are not getting to your ears like when you raise it up off the floor :) Changing the angle will help there and no one will try to put drinks on your amp either :D.
  10. I am the one who used to put my drink on my amp... up to the day the drink fell, wetting all the amp knobs :crying:
    So using a tilt will not need too much adaptation :)
  11. will33


    May 22, 2006
    +1 to using a board or wedge to angle the amp back a bit while still keeping it generally close to the floor. Will help you hear better while keeping a full sound for the audience.
  12. Thanks.
    I made myself a small tilt. It sounds good at home. I'll try it on rehearsal saturday. Hope it'll will give me the result I'm waiting :bassist:
  13. Dave Curran

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    Jul 27, 2013
    A 2x4 covered in "paint on a roll".

  14. Almost :)
  15. If your amp has pop out rollers just take out the back 2. It will tilt back on it's own. I have done this many times when I forget my milk crate.
  16. Sid Fang

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    Jun 12, 2008
    J'utilise un marche-pied plastique parfois. Pas cher. Costaud. 24-30cm d'hauteur ne fait pas mal aux frequences basses.
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  17. Jim C

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Tilting a bass cab on a shallow stage with loud gui****s is the only way to hear yourself cleanly without being too loud. Once in a while, I get asked to crank my stage volume even if I don't need it. That my friends is a home run.
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    interesting. Most amp stands I have seen also tilt the amp upwards - some even allow an adjustment to the tilt angle as well as the height above the floor.

    I would find one of those stands, tilt the amp up, and don't raise it more than 10-12" (24-30cm for our French friends :cool:) off the ground. Should get you what you need - mids in your ear and lows are still floor coupled.

    When I used a WA combo, I would use another Scout cab as my "amp stand" and still would tilt the combo up about 20 degrees. Scout cabs make great amp stands BTW :D

    good luck