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amp/tuner/muting question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by peteroberts, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. how can I do this so I don't have wires all over the place in my rack?

    just got a Grand Prix and a Korg DT-2 tuner. I love to use the tuner 'mute' function, it mutes me when I tune or switch basses. But if you use the tuner out to feed the tuner from the GP you lose the mute capability. It's like it has to go to the tuner mute input first, then to the amp. Well, there are no outputs on the front of the tuner, just on the back. That means I have to run a cable from the back of the tuner to the front of the GP.

    Unless there's another way to do it.
  2. GP Effects Loop
  3. not sure exactly how you mean. Take effects send to the mute input on the tuner, and the tuner out to the return? This implies that I have to have effects blend all the way up to the max? (wet) Is that what you're talking about?
  4. bump is this right?
  5. Yeah.
    Try that out.

    Another way is to use an A/B box if you want to have footswitch control.

    A: straight to preamp
    B: straight to tuner input
  6. thanks. I will give it a whirl.
  7. Wish I was back in Sonoma.
  8. I'm not there yet, but will be soon. You used to live there?
  9. Yeah, started at Sonoma State in '86 and lived in
    Sonoma/Sonoma County until 2001.

    Moved to Central Illinois for big money, bad weather, and rotten food.