Ampeg 15" sonic differences

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    Nov 18, 2011
    Missoula, MT
    I ruined my 15" Ampeg speaker (SVT 115E). Left the cabinet under a covered porch and a tarp through part of the winter here in western Montana. When I went to put it back into service, and then sell it, the voice coil was frozen. I think moisture condensed inside and corroded the coil, or maybe ice formed in the gap and distorted it. Whatever happened, it's in bad shape.

    I want to sell this cabinet so I've been looking for a replacement driver. Original U.S. made OEM is $180. Delta Pro is $155. I finally went with a used 4 ohm version in nice shape for "cheap".

    My question is this: The original 8 ohm driver is cast frame with a heavy magnet. The 4 ohm driver is stamped frame and a lighter magnet. I assume I got a Chinese replacement? How much of a downgrade do you think I've caused? It's related to what I tell potential buyers and how much less the cabinet is worth now. No intention here to mislead a buyer; my plan is full disclosure.

    Original #'s: 86-511-08 15846 8 ohm 67-97150171 G1
    Replacement: 86-118-04 156148 4 ohm 67-00500714 G1

    thanks, theo
  2. Not good. Boxes are made around specific speakers.

    You also very limited your buyers by going with a 4ohm on a single speaker cab that will surely want to be married to another cab at some point in its life and now for most, it can not.

    Be sure to CLEARLY MARK IT IS 4Ohms so someone does not blow up their amp if they connect it to another cab on their 4 Ohm minimum amps.

    Better to just sell it as cheap empty box and let the buyer get speaker or get the original and not make anything on the sale.
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    Nov 18, 2011
    Missoula, MT
    Thanks. I thought the importance of TS parameters was burned into my brain after reading it so often. Sometimes my brain fails me that way. I suppose it was a stretch of my imagination to think a 4 ohm and 8 ohm "Ampeg 15" would have very similar specs?

    (My "full disclosure" statement was meant to imply I would warn any buyer about impedance limitations. Maybe wasn't clear on that.)
  4. Where I was going with this is that the box can end up anywhere.

    If it is not clearly marked it could end up in a shop, rehearsal space or as backline somewhere as a single cab and when you are told, "Use this cab as the backline." from someone at the event. You read the back and it says 8 Ohms so you say to yourself, "I have my Fender Rumble combo in the car, I can hook it up to get more." The Dude at the event says, "Sure."
    You present 2.67 Ohms to your combo...Poof!

    When things are not clearly marked memories or communications fail. Then :(
  5. tchristian

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    Nov 18, 2011
    Missoula, MT
    I had planned to mark the cabinet 4 ohms, thanks.

    Can anyone comment on the sonic differences between, or provide T/S parameters for, the 8 ohm USA and 4 ohm China 15" Ampeg drivers?